If you thought you could make money in real estate without giving a job interview, boy you were wrong. Job interviews are known by another name in real estate: Listing Presentation. Real estate listing presentations are the lifeline for real estate agents. It’s how you showcase your strengths and win more clients. It’s a show in which the spotlight is on you. Your real estate licence will get you an audience with your prospects but it’s your listing presentation which determines if they will hire you or not.

It’s the zero moment of truth. You set a time for the appointment, you learn about the seller’s expectation, the seller learns about your expertise as an agent, and then if things go well, you get the contract signed. What you say and do during the listing presentation will determine whether the buyer or seller hires you or not.

To help you nail your next listing presentation, we have compiled a list of tips which will help you impress your clients and increase your chances of success:

1. Do Your Research Before Presentation

For any real estate agent, new or veteran, it is necessary that you take out some time to plan and prepare for each of your real estate listing presentation. As an agent, there are certain things you need to know. This would include your client’s needs and wants, when do they expect you to bring them the first serious offer, what kind of price they think their house is worth, what role do they see you playing in achieving their objectives, and so on.

Sometimes clients will have very realistic expectations; sometimes they won’t. It’s important to be honest with them at this stage as just blindly agreeing with everything they expect might put you in an awkward position. Before the presentation, know what you are getting into and if it’s worth your time.

2. Address All Key Decision Makers

When you are setting an appointment for a presentation, make sure you engage every decision maker in the process. Get the participants to speak up so that you know their views which will help you decide your next move. This practice helps get rid of any confusions that might arise in the future and create a flow of communication to all parties involved.

3. Create The Right Environment

Creating a professional environment for your real estate listing presentation is crucial. If you have to choose between a dining table and the couch, choose the former as it will look professional. It will be easier for you to address all the participants and have enough eye contact with everyone with feeling awkward. You will also be able to distribute the listing package among the participants easily.

4. Know Your Clients

Before you even begin to make presentations for your clients, you need to know what kind of personality they have. Everyone processes information differently. Some are more emotional, some more analytical. Some clients would love to talk, talk, and talk leaving you no room to present properly. Some customers would prefer if you communicate with them over the phone to update them on developments, and then there will be those who would prefer email or messaging.

Once you analyze their personality type, you can form a strategy to communicate with them effectively.


KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SHORT. One of the biggest mistakes an agent can make in their listing presentation is to try and put as much information as possible in front of their clients. Do not do that. Vomiting a lot of information on your customers during the listing presentation is not going to help you. Try to keep things simple. Focus on using simple terms to explain the sellers on what you will do and how. The more simple the presentation is, the more effective it will be.

6. Communicate Your USPs Well

As an agent, you need to know your Unique Selling Propositions and market them. Unique Selling Propositions or USPs is what differentiates you from all the other agents in your market. When you go and meet with your clients, you have to sell yourself to them. Who are you and why should they hire you as an agent?

This is the time to tell them how you work, what kind of strategy will you use to sell their house, how long it would take and what kind of offer you can help them get. Once they have understood the benefits of working with you, they will prefer you over other agents.

7. Show Them Your Social Side

These days social media marketing is an integral part of any marketing plan. If you don’t have a strong social presence, it’s time to start using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you are already a savvy social agent, then amazing job my friend. Use that to your advantage. Help your clients understand how you will use social media to promote your listings and how it gives you an advantage when it comes to targeting a larger audience.

8. Use Testimonials To Build Trust

Sometimes no matter how good of a salesperson you are, your clients won’t believe you 100%. That’s called “trust issue” and it’s becoming more and more common in today’s world. To help you overcome that last obstacle, you might want to leverage the statistics and testimonials of the sellers you have helped in past. Ask your past clients if you can use them as references and you can give their number so your prospects can directly talk to them. You should also have success stories on your website and in print to help you build trust with your leads.

9. Focus On Benefits

Every buyer or seller wants you to get the right deal for them. They have their needs, they have their wants, and they want to get all of that at a decent price. So what do you do? During the listing presentation, focus on the benefits you bring to the table. How soon can you sell the property? How does the price that you would get them compares to market value? If you communicate all this really well during the real estate listing presentation, then the seller is more likely to agree to the commission you want from the deal as well as offers you bring later on.

10. Use Numbers In Listing Presentation

You can either tell your clients about how good of an agent you are and what you bring to the table or you can back your claims with statistics. These statistics will help your clients understand that you are the right agent for them because you mean business.

For any real estate agent to be successful, it is essential that they have the right listing presentations skills. Just having a real estate agent licence doesn’t guarantee success in the market. You have to use all of your strengths to your advantage. Use social, statistics and client testimonials as a foundation to base your pitch upon. All of these above-mentioned tips can help improve your listing presentation and help you turn more leads into clients.

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