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4 Ways To Avoid Sounding like a Pushy Real Estate Agent - GREL - Real Estate Blogs

From a young age we have been taught not to trust salesman, rather it being because they’re pushy, untrustworthy, “money hungry” or sleazy.

Now as mature adults, we naturally avoid salespeople at an unconscious level. So how does you, the real estate agent move around this barrier and stop sounding like a pushy agent?

How does one deal with this?

This question has bothered me quite a while and more often than not I have struggled to make the leap myself. Now, I want my clientele to listen to me because I am not making a sales pitch but rather an offer that can work both for us, while keeping their best interest in mind.

But first, let’s emphasize a little on the importance of not sounding as a pushy real estate agent. Why? Clients will naturally move away and avoid the interaction.


Moving on, over the years I have tried to develop some traits that I realize now are very important. So today, I will share what I believe has worked for me.

These 4 steps will guide you to become a real estate expert and not sound like a pushy agent at all.

1- Position Yourself As A Real Estate Expert

Step 1 is an act that has to be continued through your entire real estate encounter with the prospective client.

Essentially it is building strong rapport. It comes from building relationships with your clientele to reach them more on an emotional basis rather than just business.
Rapport is built through questions, and common interest between you the agent and the client.

You want to be seen as a valuable real estate resource.

What you should be doing here is instead of immediately giving your real estate pitch, start with asking questions and providing valuable answers. By doing so, instead of being sought as a money hungry, pushy real estate agent, you will be respected as a specialist who is a strong business person.

2- Benefits First – Features Later

Features about a home are always important, but how can they have any effect when you are presenting them all willy nilly?
When building your rapport with your client, you must start with asking the right questions, by doing so you will be able to uncover their true needs and wants, so when you are presenting the homes to them, you are able to only focus on the benefits they want to hear.

Now, this does not mean you overlook the issues as a successful real estate agent, you must show both sides to the story. But by focusing yours and your clients attention on benefits that will truly reach out to them will allow you them to see you as a valuable real estate resource as you are presenting with structure.

3- Practice Scripts To Deal With Objections

If you do this next step to its full potential, you will be getting less objections and more real estate leads.

Being presented as a pushy salesperson in real estate can happen at anytime, rather it being during prospecting or closing. Of course, from your experience you now see that pushy salespeople leads to objections.

But even if you face an objection, there is still hope as you can provide value to show that you mean business.

Let’s look at an example. We’ve all heard the objection

“I want to think it over”

This does not mean the encounter is over, you must start to reply with the three most likely reasons of the issues your clientele has.

A positive rebuttal for this real estate rejection would be:

"I understand where you are coming from, it all makes sense as most of my clientele need time to think about such a big decision. So could it be that you have a sentimental attachment, credit issues, or you just do not want to move?"

By identifying the obstacles, you are able to reach out to another level with your client as they will trust you on a personal basis as a real estate resource rather them seeing you as a pushy agent.

4- Speak A Language Clients Understand

After speaking to your client for a few minutes, you will be able to notice vocal patterns and certain phrases. By analyzing them and introducing the mirroring effect.

Pro Tip

Mirroring is a technique in which one person adopts the physical and verbal behaviors of another.

By mirroring, you are able to reach out to your prospects at a personal level.

Method 2 would be instead of talking down to them, allow your prospects to feel in charge of the encounter by you constantly asking the right questions
Use your real estate specialist knowledge accordingly to your client. Don’t use industrial talk if they are new buyers.

You will be able to avoid any unnecessary fluff talk while directly showing them your value as a professional


Real estate is an art, by perfecting each miniscule portion, you will be able to become a top 1% earning agent. With your entire business resting on the prospective clients hands, we realize that real estate is a people’s business. We must provide the utmost value for each client to make sure they see you as a real estate resource rather than a pushy salesperson.

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