Along with networking in your community and keeping up with current leads, having an online presence is absolutely crucial to cultivating a successful business and promoting your brand to the fullest. In fact, now that nearly everyone has a mobile device or internet access, online marketing for real estate agents is now indispensable. But what are the basic elements of a good online marketing campaign? After careful consideration, we can break it down to five fundamental building blocks.

The Five Basic Building Blocks of a Successful Online Marketing Campaign:

  1. Have a Good Website- Make sure you have a professional-looking website that has IDX search and email opt-in capabilities.
  2. Use Diverse Social Media Platforms- Having a presence on social media will keep you abreast with your competition.
  3. Use Email Marketing- Have customers opt-in to your email marketing newsletters and blogs so they can stay connected with you.
  4. Capture Leads Through Links- Use every online conduit to get new leads by linking your real estate website to your social media pages and profiles on home search websites like
  5. Have a Blog and Post Weekly on Your Website- This step will help your website rank better in relevant search engine results.

Now, let’s break these steps down individually.

Step # 1 – Your Website

This is the front page of your brand. These days a real estate agent website is indispensable. According to Paveya, 100% of prospective homebuyers look online for a home sometime during their home search. They generally start entering a key phrase like “homes in X” in Google and click on the first few links that show up.

You need a website that shows up on the first few pages of Google or be easily accessible as a link on your agent profile on the many home search conduits like Trulia, , and The more you link to your website, the more traffic it will get, and therefore, you get more leads.

Step # 2 – Social Media

With 91% of real estate agents using social media, you need to get in on these platforms or you will lose out to the competition. Facebook pages land high on Google and are great ways to spread more awareness about your brand and business to prospective leads. Don’t be afraid to branch out to reach every demographic possible.

Sign up for Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest- the farther you go, the more people you will meet. Human beings may be diverse but they have one common need- a roof over their head- and you as an agent can reach as many people as possible through as many online avenues as possible.

Step # 3 – Email Marketing

Once you have leads that opt-in to your mailing list through your website, you can specialize your campaigns. Sort your leads into categories to tailor your campaigns to their specific needs. Email marketing is good to keep your leads connected to you either in an indirect, non-aggressive way (i.e. email about a blog update about prepping your home for winter), or you can send out a mass invite to one of your open houses to prospective buyers.

Step # 4 – Capturing Leads

Leads can be gained online and offline. However, if we are talking about strictly online lead generation, you need to link, link, link! On your social media page, make a link to engaging content from your website’s blog, and vice versa. Cast your net wide and be open to leads from all conduits. Don’t be shy in linking your website to your Trulia profile and don’t hesitate to update your Facebook page regularly and constantly point to your website and brand.

Step # 5 – Have a blog

Blogs bring an extra human touch to your website. Get creative with your content, varying from homeowner tips to first-time home buyer wisdom. Use relevant, attention-grabbing images that will pique your audience’s attention.You can even invite a guest blogger to drive more traffic to your site. This crossover makes everyone from the person’s page also visit yours, giving your brand exposure, also introducing you to a new set of leads.

Blogs are also very important for SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization- the ticket to having you land higher on search engine results. Using keywords and long-tail keywords, you can use your blog’s text to get your website ranking higher than agent websites that don’t post blogs or post blogs as frequently as you do.

Boost your business with Online Marketing

By implementing these five key components of online marketing, you are well on your way to becoming more visible on the most frequently used network for acquiring data. People all around the world are depending more on the internet every day to find information, shop, and get connected with real estate agents. So what are you waiting for? Market yourself the internet and get your real estate business a boost!

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