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5 Commandments To Win The Hearts of Property Sellers - GREL - Real Estate Blogs

Dear Agents.

Most of your clients won’t have bought or sold a house before in their life, which is something you do on a daily basis for a living. For them, it’s an incredibly emotional journey. They might receive a low-ball offer for the property, the potential buyer might not respond, there might be a financial complication, and so on.

Things can do wrong quickly. You can cope with them but they can’t. They can’t unless you build a good rapport with them, earn their trust, and guide them through this bumpy journey.

If you have a real estate licence and are committed to providing great customer experience to clients, then you will have to invest to build a better relationship with your clients. You will have to manage their expectations, prepare them mentally for the process, and try to make the process as smooth as possible for them.

Here are five commandments which, if you follow, will help you win the hearts of your seller clients and provide them with great customer experience:

# 1 – Thou shalt be honest

Many real estate agents feel that they can’t be 100% honest with their clients just because it might hurt their feelings. In fact, some might even misrepresent just to get more business. However, the truth is that being honest from the very first day makes it easier to handle and manage your client’s expectations. The first thing you need to be honest about is the property price. Sellers want to get more money but unlike you they are emotionally attached to their house so they might think it’s worth more than it actually is. I have seen many listings go stale simply because the property was not priced correctly and both the client and agent suffered because of it.

Setting a precedent right from the very first day will help you manage your client’s expectations. If they know what to expect, they’d be mentally prepared and be more emotionally ready to deal with any complications.

# 2 – Thou shalt have a marketing plan

As an agent, sellers expect you to really excel at marketing. Afterall they want to sell their property and hope to get crazy good offers. Your marketing skills will define your relationship with your clients from the get go. Even before you sign the contract with the seller, explain to them why you are the right choice, what you will do to market the property, which channels will you promote it through, what kind of results sellers can expect and by when.

Sellers hire agents for their expertise and experience. If you don’t have a marketing plan or don’t execute one correctly, then it is akin to just expecting the property to sell itself. In that case the seller will feel cheated because you promised action and hustle but delivered none.

# 3 – Thou shalt be responsive

Many agents are guilty of the fact that they fail to communicate regularly with their clients. In fact, the lack of communication is the most typical complaint clients have against real estate agents. Sort of like “The Disappearing Agent”:

(no, I am not getting paid by ReMax)

Got my point? A good agent would know that staying in touch with the client, answering their questions and providing regular updates is crucial to earning client’s trust. Sellers like to be involved in the process and would like to know what is going on. As their agent, you should keep them updated even if there is nothing to update them on.

# 4 – Thou shalt negotiate to win

A good agent would know that everything is negotiable in real estate. Being a true advocate for your client’s, you must negotiate hard and put up a counter offer for everything to get the best possible terms for your clients. To do that, you must have excellent negotiation ability to be successful at what you do.

To get the right price, you MUST negotiate correctly which in return will build you a trustable reputation that you will do everything in your power to meet your client’s requirements.

# 5 – Thou shalt be supportive

There are a lot of things involved in the home-selling process. Clients often find it hard to take care of all the little details like different inspection certificates, repairs. It’s a stressful time for sellers as they prepare to part ways with their property.

A good agent would know that the entire home-selling process can be too much of a hassle for their clients. Being a true representative of their needs, you must forget about making a commission and help your clients take care of as much as you can. You can help by being there in these tough times, by setting up the repairs process, by being present at different inspections.

Showing compassion and the ability to go out of your way to help your clients will earn you their trust. Once you have their trust, you’re golden and your trusted reputation will do wonders for you.

Building a reputation takes time. However, a real estate agent’s reputation depends on client relations and client satisfaction. The more satisfied your clients are, the better your reputation as an agent is. Meeting client requirements in the best possible manner is the key to keeping your clients satisfied and thus building great realtor client relationships.

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