YouTube has an audience of over one billion users. Yes, that’s right. That is roughly 1/3rd of the people that are using the internet. All kinds of videos are watched every day. Even people looking for real estate information are ending up accessing the website. So how do you engage an audience so large? How do you use real estate videos for marketing your services to buyers, sellers, and investors?

So, as an agent, how can you tap into this goldmine? How can you generate more business using YouTube and build an incredible following for your videos as an agent?

Well, it’s obvious that you will need to create a kick-ass YouTube channel, complete your profile and add a cover image. Then it comes to the tough part. Creating amazing videos, which we know is easier said than done, but that’s what you need to do to get more views, more likes, and more leads.

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Here are 5 golden rules that you need to follow to do this:

1. Create Valuable Content

Before you even start working on the first video for your channel, you need to come up with topics that you are going to cover in these videos. Focusing just on virtual tours of your listings is not enough. To get more engagement, you will need to create valuable, diverse content. There are various topics that you can cover from providing general real estate information, featuring specific neighborhoods, market updates, new developers or your own expert opinion about the different market situation in a particular area.

Marketing yourself on YouTube is all about grabbing the attention of your viewers. Let me give you a few examples of real estate agents who are killing it through fantastic YouTube marketing:

Kevin Ward:

Kevin Ward is not only a renowned real estate agent, but he is also a real estate coach. On his channel, you can find videos of him sharing his expert opinion and also ways of improving yourself as an agent. He does an amazing job of using real estate video marketing and branding.

Jessica Riffle Edwards:

Jessica Riffle Edwards is another good example of a real estate agent making the most out of YouTube. Many of her videos are only made through a tiny camera in her car as she heads from one place of business to another, but she provides a huge amount of value those videos. The content includes her point of view of different neighborhoods, market situation, useful tips for buyers and sellers, and tours of different listings to name a few.

Remember, it’s totally your decision to choose the kind of videos you make and whom you make them for. You decide which market segment, property type, topics or region you want to cover through your videos. What’s important is that you provide real value in your videos that benefit your viewers.

2. Post Videos Consistently

Creating great videos is important, but posting them consistently is even more important to build a loyal following on YouTube. If you want people to come to your channel time and again to watch your videos, then you need to post them on your channel consistently. However, creating a video, editing it and posting it right takes a lot of effort. If your busy life as an agent doesn’t leave much time to do that, then you can team up with other agents in your brokerage or hire an assistant to help you to create, edit and post videos on your channel.

Through YouTube, you have the flexibility of choosing your topics which you think will interest your audience. To post videos consistently, note down these ideas and create a content calendar for the next month or quarter. Regardless of if you plan to post videos on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, be consistent and stick to your schedule. The more regularly you post, the more audience you get for your channel.

3. Respond Quickly & Respond Often

First and foremost, YouTube will always be a social media platform. People will always use it to interact through comments and video sharing. As a YouTuber, you need to respond quickly to the comments and suggestions on your channel. You can also use the comment section to ask the viewers for feedback, and they can ask questions specific to your videos or about real estate in general.

Word of caution, not everyone thinks the same way. Your videos will resonate with some people, and it might annoy others. Brace yourself for good, the bad and the ugly on YouTube. What’s important is that you keep an open mindset. Don’t let negative comments dampen your YouTube spirit.

4. Add Cards To Your Real Estate Videos

Now that your viewers have watched the amazing video that you have created, what’s next? You need to give them a call to action somehow, send them to your website, channel them to your other videos and the best way to do that is by adding YouTube Cards to your videos. You might have noticed these already on YouTube, they are the boxed buttons on videos that take you elsewhere on YouTube. All these cards do is link the viewer from one video to another, but it keeps them from getting away. You can include different call to actions like asking the audience to subscribe to your channel, follow your Twitter account or a particular hashtag.

If you’ve posted a virtual tour of the house, make sure to leave your website address and contact information so the viewer can get in touch for a personal viewing if they are interested. You can do that within the video or through video description.

5. Optimize Videos For Search

Nowadays people like to use the internet for everything. Whether they want to buy a house or find an apartment to rent out, the internet is the answer to everything. So when you’re uploading any content, you should ask yourself, are you doing enough to be found in one of those searches?

This is where the importance of video optimization comes in. The videos that you upload on your channel are going to be found in the search results based on the meta details you provide (Title, Tags, and Description).


Firstly, get creative with the titles you come up with. A good title would not only tell the viewer what the video is all about but also include some of the keywords that people are likely to use when searching for real estate content. Secondly, use those keywords in your description as well but focus on providing a detailed description. Lastly, use tags to your advantage. Add relevant tags to your video and stay up to date.

YouTube can be a goldmine for real estate agents if done right. You can build an amazing personal brand and use that channel to build the credibility you need for bigger deals. However, patience and inspiration determine your success on this platform more than anything else. You might not think you are any good at YouTube, but you won’t know until you try, right? 🙂

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  • Bill

    very informative post on this topic, I am trying to yield results from youtube from a few months but I was missing this checklist, I though Youtube is not the right channel for real estate agent’s marketing. thanks Tim for sharing 🙂