Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, Jordan Belfort, Zig Ziglar, David Ogilvy, Ron Popeil … the list goes on and on. They stand in the list of top salespeople for a reason, but why?

Have you ever wondered what was going on in their minds? Their unique selling strategies, styles, and smart working characteristics are definitely secrets.

It got me thinking, when I read about them – for some odd reasons, their characteristics are all nearly the same.

After some careful research and interviews, I have derived a list of 10 ‘strange’ characteristics that all top-selling real estate agents share. It has the potential, if implemented properly, to make you become a top real estate agent.

Why so? Because the “Law of cause and effect” by Brian Tracy, suggests:

“If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the results that other successful people get.”

Now, let’s begin!

Characteristic # 1: They Talk Less

People constantly believe that if they are being sold a product/home then it means that they are being cornered and pressured into buying, when one of the simplest sales tactics that have been brought up from the beginning is to make your potential clientele feel comfort.

But, how does one make their client feel at home?

It is a very simple process.

In your average encounter with a prospective client during any of the face to face prospecting techniques such as door knocking ; rather than jumping into a sales pitch you need to start strong by asking the right questions.

This is the act of building rapport with your client as by asking more questions your client will see you as a friend rather than a sleazy salesperson.

Always remember,

Prospects have a higher chance of saying no to you if they don’t know you. SO, you need to stop being a pushy agent.

Characteristic # 2: Always be Confident

In EACH encounter with a client, rather during your prospecting stage, listing/buyer presentation, or closing, you must constantly stay confident. It doesn’t matter if you know you got bills to pay and other expenses, when you are in the real estate field you are hunting for closings. When your prospective clients believe you are secure and confident, they will trust your processes and see you as a real estate expert instead of an average joe agent.

Characteristic # 3: Local Knowledge

As hard as to believe it may seem to be, many agents do not have sufficient market knowledge on their local real estate market, so I guess it’s time to get back to the books. It is extremely important for real estate agents to do their research of the areas before they go about with their real estate processes.

We see many top agents being able to fluently speak to their clientele about the areas as if they lived there with them. You must show your experience and knowledge together to let your prospective clients understand that you will provide value by giving them the best solutions for their real estate needs. You will be able to speak of the greatest parts of each area and will, if necessary, let them know of any obstacles in the area. Your knowledge on the areas is the value you must provide as a real estate agent to ensure the greatest service for your clientele.

Characteristic # 4: They Know Their Customer’s Motivation

Right off the bat, when creating rapport with your clientele, as you know you must ask questions rather than talking yourself. In the same way, a good agent’s motive behind asking the questions is to determine the real motive behind a client’s sale or purchase.

You can achieve that by,

Asking them real estate questions along the lines of:

  • Why are you selling?
  • Is your primary focus to invest in a property?
  • Are you selling to buy?
  • Do you want to flip this home or live in it?

These strong questions are ones you have to take into account. Clients may have sentimental attachments with the home, these questions will show you are caring while you provide them value. This allows you to come off as a real estate expert. Clients who are selling one of their many investments will have different needs and wants than those who are selling their first home. You must be able to change your attitude and tactics, accordingly.

Characteristic # 5: Expert Negotiation Skills

Everything you do in real estate will revolve around your negotiation skills (Hyperlink negotiation blog). To ensure the entire encounter with your client runs smoothly, you will have to show your clients you can speak in a proper manner while you have the necessary knowledge to help satisfy their needs and wants and the opposing party as well. The greatest real estate agents are able to find the best offer for the two parties. By using tonality and your knowledge, you can close deals at an efficient rate. These top agents utilize their sales power, leverage from rapport and expertise in the industry – this dynamic duo is something they constantly do.

Changing yourself in positive way by implementing unique characteristics is your ticket to becoming a real estate expert.

As you must have heard the saying “you got to spend some to make some”, it applies in real estate as well. The level of investment in terms of time and energy is a great deal to make your real estate career successful. You are passionate about this industry, show the world that you will provide the utmost value for each of your clients; show them your strong characteristics that put you over the top and use this all to close all your deals.

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