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5 Tools Everybody In The Real Estate Industry Should Be Using - GREL - Real Estate Blogs

Agents around the globe are juggling around real estate tools – from apps to websites to social media and databases, and the list goes on. However, when it comes to managing themselves, they have no time. Productivity and the discipline to manage an ‘unstable’ schedule will be important to setting your business up for success.

So, what will an agent have to do to manage his/her time in the most efficient way possible to become an effective real estate agent?

It’s quite simple, as a professional you should be dedicating time out of your week to find new ways of efficiently completing the daily tasks such as posting instagram photos, innovating your value propositions, email campaigns, etc.

There are tools every agent should be using in the real estate industry, and here are the top 5.

1- Canva

As a real estate agent, right off the bat, you know that social media marketing will not only be one of your value propositions but a tactic that must be used for every home you work on.

Canva is your ticket to quick, high-quality posts!

As an agent you will be posting a lot, rather it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, you will have to find multiple streams to increase the exposure and the traffic to what you are advertising as a real estate agent.

Say, for an example, you need to make high quality posts to start marketing the new home you listed. Posting it on your local real estate site won’t be enough, using social media for real estate will bring traffic from people who are truly interested in the home. But as for the busy agent that you are, you won’t have time to think of unique posts and create them, instead, Canva provides free graphic-design tools such as templates for your social media posts which makes the job a lot much easier and quicker.

2- Drones

In real estate, you are trying to get exposure to the properties in all possible ways which bring more potential buyers to the home. So, you are constantly looking out for new methods to set yourself aside from the competition.

Drones are a costly way to bring more potential buyers to your home, I personally would not attempt to utilize the means of a drone if you are not working with a real estate team.

How do drones help you?

They help you to,

  • Take aerial views of the entire property
  • Uniquely show the roof of the home and other features that are hard to capture through normal cameras
  • Capture neighborhood friendly paths including children school routes
  • Showcase home proximity & amenities

There will be a few things to focus on when considering using drones in real estate, they include:

  • Rules/regulations for your area
  • No Fly Zones
  • Learning how to fly one
  • Being of the legal requirements to fly

These are all different based off where you live, so look into your government regulations today and find out if you can use the drone as your strategy to bring more prospective clients.

3- Email Marketing Campaign

Now, although we are talking about your email marketing campaign, I will not be telling which email automation marketing platform to choose as it purely depends on what you are looking for in a platform and what are you trying to achieve – but I will be explaining the importance of this 45 year old method.

With multitudes of lead capturing sites out there such as Optinmonster , you will be able to build your database lists of email addresses, by creating a pattern of weekly emails according to your valuable information. This can help the legitimacy of your real estate business.

You should be sending newsletters, blogs, and other useful information that will benefit your prospects which will give you a chance to convert them into clients. This is because if you constantly provide free information, possible clients will come to you when they are in need of a real estate agent.

4. ScheduleOnce

You already understand that organization is important for your daily lives as an agent – keeping up with appointments, meetings, and showings.

Instead of you wasting time every year trying to email timings to clients, and then finding out there was some sort of miscommunication, use the App ScheduleOnce.

All you have to do is email a link to your calendar showing YOUR available times so that clients know your meeting schedule. You are in charge here as the agent for this real estate tool – you are able to confirm requests and send confirmations allowing easily accessible appointments as it works along both yours and your clients times.

5. Google Drive

The era of leaving an important paper back at home or a document on your office computer has come to an end.

Google has created a solution for this problem, just as Apple has iCloud , Google has created the G Drive. It essentially is saving your work but you are able to access it from anywhere you go, anytime you want. It is the best way for all real estate agents to access their necessary documents for business. Google provides more space than other Cloud type products, so now with one click away you can drop off all your files into your Google drive, thus leaving you in charge. It automatically saves all your documents so that fear of not pressing “Ctrl+S” is gone and you can organize all your work files, documents, excel files, presentations, etc. Making it easier and handy for real estate agents around the globe to transfer and share files.


There are thousands of real estate tools that agents can use, but many of them only tip the scale a little bit with the benefits, like with everything, quality is more important than quantity. These 5 tools above will give you full power over your real estate career by giving you full control of your professional duties. No more juggling – no more headaches. By utilizing these 5 to the full potential, you will be able to attract a larger pool of prospects through your new found professionalism and organization.

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