Selling a home is an art, with a multitude of processes involved, it may be your ticket to a lavish lifestyle. Sounds great right?

In a sense, yes but when it comes down to buckling down and doing the work, some agents follow inefficient paths. Real estate agents have to choose between the right and wrong, if they choose incorrect practices, it can surely devastate their income. You control the money inflow, the harder your work, the more you learn, YOU are IN CHARGE of your real estate business.

Although the path to real estate success is a curvy one till the end, as a professional you’re still dreaming high.

You are going to be provided real estate lessons based off some of the greatest professional’s experiences. Just as many of them say, the headlights that lead your car to the road of success is precisely led by the knowledge you acquire.

There will always be ways you can rely on working as a seller agent. You will have many options when you’re selling a house. But has anyone ever told you, what not to do when you’re selling a house?

I mean it is equally important right? With all that being said, I will like to highlight the importance of knowing what NOT to do when you’re selling a house and the 5 things that should always be in your mind.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Sellers Are Over Attached To Their Property

With it being common for sellers to be extremely emotional about selling their homes, they start to believe the value of their home is worth more than what it was appraised.

One of the worst ways to sell a home is the mistake of overpricing. Buyers will not even give the home the light of day.

Pricing your home should be done in a professional manner with market values, comparable sales, demand, location and more.

If your client has seller’s remorse, you must get them to lean on the pro’s of the situation rather than the cons.

The issue with the high pricing is when an offer comes in as a lowball (There will be many if you’re overpriced) then your client will feel insulted and enraged. Price the home at a set, firm price to ensure the maximum amount of exposure.

2. Making The House Look Sale Fit

Again, such a simple topic that is overlooked by many agents. You will not be able to sell a home if it is in bad condition. If the home has:

  • Unmade beds
  • Dirty dishes
  • Uneven floors
  • Broken cabinets
  • Missing shingles on the roof
  • Chipped paint
  • Holes in the wall

Then of course your home is not selling. Staging should be an essential service for you, it will allow the clienteles home to be highlighted by its strengths (hyperlink staging blog). It can be done by adding furniture, rearranging, decluttering, etc. The vision is provided by these professionals in the real estate staging industry. If you leave the home as it is during its photo shoot or open house then you can bet on not selling your home.

3. Half Fast Listing Photos

90% of home buyers begin their search online, this is when you realize there is a powerful market that you can be reaching out to. You must offer professional photos using a wide angled lens as it attracts a larger pool of buyers to discover the home. One of the best real estate value propositions is you providing/taking photos.

It seems easy yet one of the biggest real estate mistakes agents make is they do not take enhancing photos. Your job is to provide the best service for your clientele, this is for every field from the beginning of the encounter to the end.

4. Accommodating for the Client

No matter who the person is, if they look unqualified, you are busy, or it’s just an inconvenience, you must accommodate timing for your client. Just as you were taught at a young age, never judge a book by its cover. Many professionals overlook potential buyers due to the way they are dressed.

Leave every bias you have at home and continue to keep an open mind for yours and your client’s sake.

5. Getting Overwhelmed

The real estate process is not complicated, there are many steps but each of them is straightforward as they all move along toward the end goal of closing the deal. From beginning to end, this process can be simplified through trial/error and experiences. By constantly expanding your mind with useful knowledge in your niche (niche hyperlink) you will become confident in your work. By knowing exactly what to learn and acting on it, you will be able to sell the home. But if you continue to stay overwhelmed then there goes your shot of selling it.


Selling your home is a tricky process but hey, at least it isn’t rocket science! The process does not have to be so longing, the main reason as to why they don’t sell is because of the clients and real estate agents mistakes. By scrubbing off the simplest of barriers such as these 5, you have the potential to sell the home at a more efficient rate. There are dozens of mistakes but based off many real estate agents in Canada, we can now pinpoint the issues based on their experiences. It’s your business, do what you must do to eliminate these mistakes and go for a flowing selling process!

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