A real estate agent can carry a lot of stress when measuring his/her performance. Worries and thoughts such as not having a deal go through or trying to convert leads can create anxiety and affects performance.

Following the same daily, monotonous routines make all of us stray and lose our focus and you as a real estate agent are not any different.

After all, we are human beings and we can’t work like machines.

How we feel, affects everything in our lives including our work. Our emotional health changes every day and it might have adverse effects on our mental health which leads to us being lesser productive at work.

We all have those days! Don’t we?

But, remember at the end of the day, how you deal with all of this will ensure you achieve what you are meant to in terms of your goals and the milestones you have set for yourselves.

There is one thing we have a control over.

Our Mindset!

Stop complaining and start taking charge of your emotions and the situation you find yourself in. There is nothing in this world that you can’t overcome with your abilities.

“When You Complain, Nobody Wants To Help You” – Stephen Hawking

Believe in yourself! You are capable of changing! And, your positive mindset is the facilitator to change!

A little inspiration for a day can help you reject those second thoughts and give you strength to do more to achieve your goals by passing through the hurdles confidently that come along your way.

So are you ready to Act Like A Success?

1- Believe And You shall SUCCEED!

“Believe You Can And You’re Halfway There” – Theodore Roosevelt

Real Estate Agents, there’s nothing in this world that’s impossible.

You want to be successful?

Get your real estate license, get the real estate training, have the tools in place for yourself, brand your business effectively and most of all BELIEVE that you can do it.

Every real estate agent, no matter a rookie or a mogul has got 24 hrs a day, same resources, but only the few who HUSTLE succeed.

Remember, you are genetically structured and have the same capability to be able to achieve something big by being superbly amazing at doing great work.

2- Don’t Stop Until You’re Insanely Proud Of Yourself

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

Never Give Up! Giving up is for quitters.


Don’t be a quitter, be a winner.

Never giving up will take you to success. If not today, but one day you’ll achieve what you want to if you stay persistent and stay put. Challenges may come along the way but you have to fight them with all your might.

Don’t be a trash bag but be of value and stay persistent.

Provide great service and value.

3- There Is No Easy Way To Success

“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.” – John Madden

Success doesn’t come easy and there are absolutely no shortcuts. As an agent, you need to be always prospecting , beat them doors despite the weather to get new leads or following up on the leads you already have, call past clients to build your referral business, networking always to build relationships.

In real estate, business doesn’t come to you but you need to hunt for it and always be working for it. And, on top of everything you need to grow and build your skills , be tech savvy to beat the online competition, plan your real estate business and be strategic to get to your goals.

Working hard for your goals is what you need to be the best in your real estate market and stand out. It may be a slow path but it will lead you to your end goal which is nothing less than being a SUCCESS. Slow and steady wins the race anyway so be consistent and adhere to your goals like a glue.

4- Laugh Your Worries Away

“There is little success where there is little laughter.” – Andrew Carnegie

What does worry give you anyway except exhausting you and swaying you from your path of success? A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. Worrying is never a solution to a problem, the solution lies in finding the ways to solve a problem.

Agents, make your life less complicated by worrying less and doing more. Always be working and laughing as the only way to do great work is to love and enjoy what you do. So, why be sad when you can be happy and laugh? No matter what you achieve in life, be in 100% control of your happiness because nobody else can. Don’t let any situation or any person take away smile on your face. But, smile always and be a positive person by indulging less in negative situations and getting involved with negative people.

Planning is the key to finding solutions for every problem. PLAN! LAUGH! SUCCEED!

5- Focus! Focus! Focus!

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

To become a successful real estate agent you need not to lose your focus no matter what. If you want to be anything less than successful, then sure go for it but not when you are an agent with big goals with a lot to achieve.

Plan your days before they are even started. Plan each day ahead. Let’s say you have to go to work at 9am, plan what needs to be done prior to that day. The best time is early in the morning right after you wake up or the day end of the last day.

Set quarterly milestones and break them down in the daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Break down your goals further in tasks and make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Savvy real estate agents plan their business and stick to the plan. They don’t let anything come in their path of success.

6- Don’t Leave Anything In The Middle

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” – Joe Namath

Why bother to start when you aren’t planning to finish? Persistence is everything in achieving everything no matter big or small. If you are half way through in completing a task but come across a problem. What do you do then? Now, you have a choice to make. You’ll quit or continue? You’ll leave in the mid-way or strive to take it to finish line? If you are planning to chose to quit than I’m sorry you were never a winner. And, your path was never being successful but it was being ordinary.

Being ordinary is easy, that’s why only a few from the crowd succeed. Because they have success mindset and take control of the choices they make and the path they choose.

Start somewhere and take little baby steps towards success. Don’t stop until you achieve what you are supposed to.

7- Don’t Be Full Of Excuses

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

If you are going to bull**** on your goals go for excuses if you want to accomplish big be of value instead. Agents, if you are going to whine about the sale you didn’t make and the lead you didn’t convert, you’ll not get anywhere. So, fix your attitude and don’t blame it on the circumstances. Real estate professionals who want to grow their business and want to get what they set an eye onto never make lame excuses. They Hustle!

They don’t see the time whether it’s day or night, they don’t see the weather scorching hot or freezing cold, they don’t indulge in unnecessary activities, they don’t procrastinate. But, what they do? They stay put and work hard. They don’t sleep when they are tired, they sleep when they are done. They don’t fear rejection but they embrace it and improve. They don’t unproductive but productive. They give their best in everything they do and are great at it. But, they were never great on their first try, it comes with time putting best of efforts and no effort is an effort wasted.


In real estate, you are in control of the business you make. The more efforts you put in, the more you get. But, the path to success is never sweet and it won’t treat you good.If you fall, you need to rise up again on your own. Keep pushing yourself forward with strength and courage to be a successful real estate professional. Don’t worry about the hurdles that come along the way, jump off them with all your might. Set up your mind to be extraordinary in your real estate market. To be extraordinary, you need to separate yourself from being ordinary and always try to deliver extraordinary service at all costs.

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