Movies are the time of our lives when we can escape from reality. They can be emotional, horrific, exhilarating and in many cases motivational. There are many different genres that provide inspiration to people to take a positive step in their lives.

But what are the kind of movies real estate agents take inspiration from?

Before you answer that question, you must understand exactly what inspires a real estate agent. There are some basic human elements involved in being inspired. If an agent sees success and believes that a particular goal is achievable, they will feel motivated to work for it. As a real estate agent, you would like to draw inspiration from something that you can relate to.

Something that clicks.

Over the years, I have come across many such movies. So are you ready to be overwhelmed with motivation? Combined below is a list of movies that I believe every real estate agent should watch and draw inspiration from.

1. Glengarry Glenross

Glengarry Glenrose, the most inspirational movie that I have watched, I know it is an old one but this classic salesman movie, has some of the greatest actors of our time and with its most famous scene being ABC: Always Be Closing and the Brass Balls

Some of the greatest Real Estate agents in the world carry these Brass Balls in their office or have them hanging from their dashboard. Personally, I did as well and now the question is

Do you have Brass Balls and can you sell Real Estate?

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

This unethical sales film has many principles of sales that we can analyze to see how to improve our Real Estate business.

Never at Global Real Estate License do we endorse Jordan Belfort’s immoral practices, his sexual behaviors, and his drug habits.


We do admire many of his closing techniques, closing styles and his passion to sell.

3. The Boiler Room

Again, another controversial one. This film is also about sales and you must now be wondering why are we bringing in sales movies, this is Real Estate.

But guess what, we are all salespeople and if you don’t think you’re a salesperson, then pack up your stuff because the real estate business is not for you.

This entire film is a formula of motivation for you real estate success.

4. The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is by far one of my favorites as I cried during it. The Pursuit of Happiness is based off a true story, Chris Gardner is the gentleman who went through AMAZING adversity in his life and his sales career to become one of the strongest salesman.

This film shows us that ANYBODY can do it, with the strength, the force, and the passion, we can all do it.

5. Rocky

ROCKY everyone, ROCKY!

How does Rocky inspire agents to do great?

Guess what, when you’re door knocking, when you’re prospecting AND you’re getting your ass knocked down. You will be told “Get the F out of here”, You will be getting told “No, You will get hung up on.

You must be like Rocky, take the punches, FALL DOWN and get back up.

It’s the Rocky Real Estate agents that become top sellers.

Personally, I listen to the Rocky, Eye of a Tiger sound track every time before I start prospecting.

6. Unbroken

Unbroken is a movie that many of you might not know but every Real Estate agent MUST watch. This movie is all about mind sets.

There is a scene in the movie (not a spoiler) 3 people are stuck on a raft for 47 days. Out of the 3 people, the one who came out victorious was not the one who was physically the strongest, not the smartest, but the one with the right mindset.

This is a movie about the strength of the mind, just as in real estate, if an agent doesn’t have a strong mindset they will sink in the never ending abyss of average agents.

7. Jerry MaGuire

Jerry MaGuire is the perfect film to highlight the power of perseverance. There are always the moments where we put it all on the line for that BIG Real Estate deal and we fail. We are down in the bunker and are losing it all but the only way to get back up and do it all again but this time with no mistakes.

This movie is phenomenal and every Real Estate agent should watch this as a tool for their success.

8. A Character: Phil From Modern Family

Phil is a Real Estate agent and he is always doing crazy, interesting, new things as an agent. He does ridiculous open houses with hilarious scenarios that are all out of the box.

We have a lot to learn from Phil and his humor.

You have to break the ice and what better way than something that everybody loves, humor.

The Bottom Line

Being in real estate should not just be the sake of work. You must enjoy your work – have the passion to pursue it as fun. When you’re able to do that, only then you will see that nothing can bring you down.

The storyline of all these movies that I have listed down mainly revolves around people who had a goal in their mind. And they were willing to sacrifice everything for it.

Are you one of those agents? Do you have what it takes? It’s times like these that make or break a great real estate agent. Do you have what it takes to persevere and stick to your guns through and through?

If the answer is yes, then my friend, you’re headed in the right direction.

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