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Realtor Branding, Guideline for Real Estate Agents - GREL Blogs

When it comes to real estate, how you go about branding yourself is nearly as important as the properties that you sell. The way you come across to people can be professional, put together, and determined, or the alternative which is highly unwanted. It is important to know the difference between a personal brand and branding and this is what we want to talk about today.

What is a Brand?

When you think of a brand does anything in particular come to your mind? A certain kind of paper towel or a certain kind of cereal that your family prefers over another perhaps? This is a great example of a brand. The brand is what people think of your business when they hear your name in real estate circles. A great way to build a brand if you are in the real estate market is to set yourself apart from other realtors. Be that one realtor that only deals in estates, the realtor that is great at finding homes in a particular area, or the realtor that only deals in rental properties. Setting yourself up in a niche market is going to set you apart from all the other agents that are out there to make a quick buck.

Setting yourself apart is also a great way to get particular experience that is not tailored to every agent and that sellers or buyers with particular interests are going to look for. This also allows you to hone in and really tailor and fine tune your skills to make sure you are the best agent possible. You can also make an online presence for yourself to help keep customers coming. Being accessible is going to make you far more attractive to potential clients than you would be otherwise, if they could not reach you online. Social media is a great way to create a very specific and tailored online presence that will keep your clients pouring in.

What is Branding?

Your brand is yourself and your actual skills while branding is how you go about presenting these skills and offerings to your potential clients. This means things like having a slogan, having a logo that is made custom for you, having a business card, brochures, and more. Branding is all in the way that you present yourself to your public. A good place to start when you are working on branding is to outline your goals. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be, financially? How many employees do you want? And, the list goes on and on according to your needs with your business. Outlining these goals early on can help speed up the process and make for a much smoother transition when you actually start branding yourself.

Another quick tip when working on your branding is to consider what audience you are hoping to attract or reach. If your goal is to reach twenty somethings looking for apartments on the lower east side, you should work to tailor your branding approach to these people. A good example of audience specific branding in this case would be taking the time to set up a social media account, to work on becoming technology savvy, and perhaps learning a bit about the culture of this target audience.

Still another great tip when you are working on branding is to think about how you are making the buying and selling process easier for your customers. This is information that you want to highlight and really take advantage of when you work on creating your branding. Using your talents and the skills that you have to relate to your clients is one way that you can create a sound brand. When creating your website for example, think of ways that your previous clients have helped shape you and how you have worked to make this process easier; so that you can then relate that in your content. When creating your branding content, make sure you are creating a clean design that is easy to traverse and displays all your qualities and what you want to put across by your brand.

How Do Branding and Personal Brand Work Together?

When it comes to personal branding and your personal brand, they go hand in hand with one another. You should be using your personal brand to help with the branding that is going to work best for you and for the overall effect that you hope to accomplish. Your personal brand is your actual traits and talents while your branding is how you put them across to your potential and existing clients. Taking the time to make sure that both your brand and your branding are in line with one another can help draw in potential clients and can make a great deal of difference when it comes to your overall success as an agent.

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