‘Two minds are better than one’ the old cliche sentence your teacher would say before she would assign groups. Oh, how the tables have NOT turned.

You’re building a real estate business and the most important thing for you to be successful is to make a real estate team. You’re looking to make your mark and the different options you have to expand your business.

Why Is Building A Team So Important?

Building a real estate team is vital when trying to do more business, but not just any team. You’re going to need an efficient team that can really put in the work towards the betterment of your business and leads you to real estate success.

The primary goal agents have when creating a team is to build up their client base, increase referrals, and grow their sphere of influence. With each of these being interconnected, real estate teams will start seeing MAJOR returns.

With some agents being happy with their individual business, others are looking for greater opportunities.

This blog is for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity knocking on their door; this is How to Build the Greatest Real Estate Team.

The Opportunities from Creating a Real Estate team

  • You will soon notice that there are many companies that offer large leads to real estate teams rather than individual agents
  • You will be exposed to entirely new markets, thus increasing your sphere of influence and possible lead generations
  • Teach your members valuable skills and tactics such as how to prospect efficiently, building databases, negotiation techniques, etc. to overall increase your real estate success

Managing Tedious Work

The tedious work can be done efficiently. In real estate you will have to deal with loads of paperwork such as contracts, it is every agent’s least favorite part to do.

By hiring a team, you will have members work on each task, assistants will be able to work on uploading listings, listing pictures, and other paperwork.

Then when it comes down to the contracts and addendums, your assistant will be able to create them all.

What Makes a Great Team?

The reason you are here is because by this point you already know why real estate agents create teams but you are confused about what makes a great team.

A great team is built from leaders, they all must be open minded with creativity. By encouraging each other, you will be able to cut out any negativity in the environment.

From the smallest of acts such as a real estate team member getting rejected by a prospect to pitching corky ideas, everything must be looked at with an open mind.

Constantly challenge your team with difficult listings, ‘For sale by owner’ clients, or expired listings. By doing this you will see dramatic improvements in sales as they will experience the most obscured situations around, thus making normal listing as easy as pie.

Benefits for Your Clients:

Your prospected clients and generated leads are able to benefit from the immense experience your team has to offer. Based off a geographic sense alone, your team will be able to pinpoint the exact agents to focus on certain tasks, thus increasing efficiency and real estate success.

The clients are able to form an instant positive image when starting to work with a real estate team as they understand the top-notch efficiency and organization that the teams provide.

Where to Find your Team?

There are many excellent agents, just like you, in the real estate field who have the potential for greatness by creating a team but they are just not opening the door of opportunity. By looking out for individual agents who are selling the most homes in your area or niche, you are able to reach out to them and together start building your real estate team.

Online Marketing, Prospecting, and Social Media

Back to marketing we go. Real estate is a negotiation game, but without clients, you are labeled useless. When building a team you can now leverage your days using blocking techniques and get the greatest amount of hours in for your clientele. You can add social media experts who have a strong knowledge of

  • Inbound marketing
  • Inbound sales
  • Social media growth
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This will allow you to constantly have growth VIA the online world, it can provide you more potential leads, close deals, advertise listings, advertise open houses, etc. Social media will be your best friend when it comes to this industry and you will love it more when you have a personal online professional on your real estate team to help grow your brand.


Joining a real estate team can be your ride to a successful career in this industry. By utilizing all your individual skills as an agent, you see the potential you have for greatness. Rather it being your

  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Closing tactics
  • Mastering of the art of prospecting

You will be able to use it intensively as a whole instead of by yourself. Different experts. Having a real estate provides leverage in the sense of many agents experiences and expertises in the field. Each agent will provide different types of value through various measures, either way, you will be able to appeal to the largest audience with a team and overall increasing your real estate success.

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