As I listen to Linkin Park’s “Breaking Habits” and write this blog, something just clicked my mind. Real estate door knocking is on the other side of fear of rejection and another is unwillingness to break habits!

Yes! The habit that consumes many, being in their comfort zone and not being able to leave it no matter what it costs them.

Fellow Agents! Real estate is a people’s business. With that, I mean contacts business and a network business. And, with that, you build your Sphere of Influence ( SOI ). YO! (P.S Failed attempt at being Mike Shinoda)

Real estate door knocking is the most effective way of getting business among all face to face prospecting methods. The reason being, you define a farm area and it becomes relatively easier to find out the person in need in that neighbourhood. You reach out area by area, prospect to prospect.

But, agents in this business have made millions over time through only knocking doors. Yes, there are living examples and you can trust me on this one.

Can you believe it ‘Only Door Knocking’ and no other prospecting method and BOOM!

It’s hard to believe right? But, not that hard If you put everything into perspective and know how to become a mogul of real estate door knocking.

Well, for that you’ll have to wait until next week where I’ll be writing a guide for you on real estate door knocking in order for you to become successful by the tried and tested methods of generating leads.

The reason that compelled me to write this blog is the loaded requests from our clients. That, “Yes, we finally have made up our mind to utilize the under-utilized yet the most productive way of generating leads but what do we say when somebody shows up?” (Some just don’t even understand the importance how to deal with the situation and don’t know what to say.)

They just become blank at the very first glimpse of somebody appearing at the door.

Should I tell you the secret to overcoming this fear?

Understand that whoever comes at the door is going to hear you out, if you play things right. The only way you can win their attention and get them talking to you is providing them enough value face to face. And, of course the first impression is the last impression so you have to keep that in mind at all times.


The ultimate goal of your door knocking is to build contacts and turn prospects into deals. So, get the prospect’s involvement in the conversation.

I’ll be giving you some real estate door knocking scripts that work like magic since your lead success is dependent on what you communicate to the prospects and how you communicate it, thereby your sales success and door knocking success is depending on what you say.

After all, what you say is all that matters and knowing that shall be your key to succeed while knocking em doors.

But, what you need to understand FIRST is these two things:

  1. Your body language going into doorknocking is important
    Smile More. Maintain Good Posture. Don’t Get too aggressive.
  2. The energy of your voice is equally important as the words you say
    Maintain Positive Tone. Sound Passionate About Real Estate. Speak Like An Enthusiast.

GREL WorkoutScripts

Just knowing what to say is JUST NOT ENOUGH!


You need to internalize the scripts to be fluent and sound confident at the same time.

Global Real Estate Licence gives you the confidence you need at the doors or when you are on calls through the WorkoutScript module that allows you to record yourself and learn what to say and how to say it. With 100’s of powerful scripts in the library, you can pick and exercise the ones of your choice that suit your needs.

Now that you’ve learned the basics. It’s time to give you different door knocking scripts depending upon different scenarios.

1- Introduction Script

Introductions are your openers for starting a conversation.

Always introduce yourselves first while you are at the door.

You always have to start like this, “Hi, I’m Tariq Khursheed and I am a real estate agent working for/with ________ at ________”.

If you work on your own you have to exclude the working for/with part and mention that you work on your own.

“Hi, my name is Tariq. I was in the area and I’m a local real estate expert of Springfield Heights.I wanted to make sure you knew that there were 17 homes available for sale in this area in this 1000 home area.

And, If you had any information or need any information on real estate, I want to make sure that you know that I am available for you and here is my business card. If you have any questions ever, please feel free to call me.”

Basic Rule: Wear a smile all the time when you are knocking them doors.

Generic Intro

When you are knocking on doors randomly, you have to go for the generic intro. Because, you don’t know about their interests and short-term real estate goals.

You can go like this:

Agent: Hi, this is Tariq here from ABC Realty and I wanted to make sure that everybody in the neighbourhood knew that there’s a brand new development coming close by and the home prices in the area have gone up 6% in the last 9 months. So, about 22000$ average has gone up for home prices in this area.

So, I wanted to make sure that everybody in the neighbourhood was well-informed and understood what was happening to this area.

Prospect: Why do you think that I care for that?

Agent: Well, here’s the thing. What’s your name?

Prospect: Ellen!

Agent: Well Ellen, you see when a group of homeowners in an area are informed about the prices of their homes and understand the value of their homes, this actually helps increase the value of the area.


Because when everybody knows the value then you can make the decision to either sell or purchase according to that. And when people are well informed, the market rates go up accordingly.

So, information is knowledge, your home is your biggest asset and I wanna be there for you for whatever you need as a homeowner.

Prospect: I don’t wanna see you!

Agent: You don’t wanna see me? Ellen, am I really that ugly?

Prospect: It’s not about that. It’s just that I’ve had bad experiences with agents and I am just not fond of selling my home through an agent or listening to any agents. I don’t care about them

Agent: Ellen, I’m sorry about that. I can understand! And, you know what Ellen? It’s unfortunate but a lot of agents do have a bad reputation.

You see me here right now and it’s snowing outside, I am dedicated to my business. I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And, my principle in the business is to bring value to the clients.

When you get value then, for some reason or another I make money. But, unless I bring you huge amounts of value then nothing happens.

So, I am not asking you to do business with me, I am not asking you to buy a house with me or sell a house with me; I am asking you to participate in being an active member of this community to help ensure that we have a great real estate foundation in this community. That’s all. ”

Pro Tip – Give Loads Of Value

Your objective for every door knocking script is to give some sort of value and give the prospect something they can hold on to.

So, another way of providing value could be:

Agent: Hey Ellen, It’s me Tariq and you’ve probably seen me few times this year. I am only coming because remember I promised you last time that I was gonna add value into your lives and this community and today I wanna make sure that you have closed your water pipes coming outside, as freezing point is almost coming by and your pipes might freeze and burst and cause you a flood inside the house.

So, do you know where to turn off your water pipe?

Prospect: No!

Agent: Would you like me to come in and show you where to do it. Or, would you like me to come when your husband is here and I can show you exactly where it is?

Prospect: Yeah, that sounds great!

Agent: Ok, great! So, at what time your husband is home?

Prospect: At 6 PM

Agent: Okay, 6 PM. So, I’ll come in at 6 PM, show you where it is, just takes 30 secs but I wanna make sure it is off. I don’t wanna say who but
somebody in this neighbourhood forgot to turn off last year and they had a huge damage and the insurance didn’t cover.

So, thank you Ellen, I will see you very soon. And, remember If anybody is ever looking to buy or sell a home, who are you gonna remember?

Prospect: Tariq Khursheed!

Agent: Yeah that’s it! Okay, alright! Take care, bye!

So, you need to analyze the script. Look, your water pipe might not refer to your market. Right? But, the idea is to bring some sort of value; break in the neighbourhood may be.

You can go like this too:

Agent: Hey Ellen, There was a break in the neighbourhood about 2 weeks ago.

It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me. I promise you it wasn’t me.

But, I wanna make sure you understand that you lock the doors, you have this and this available.

And, I’m not trying to scare you, I just wanna make sure that you are safe. It is a safe neighbourhood but this happens all over, everywhere is the safest places in the world. Okay?

Thank you, bye.“


2- Just Listed Script

This is the script you use when you list a home in a farm area and inspect the doors via door knocking to find the potential buyers.

Agent: Hey, This is Tariq from ABC Realty. I wanted to tell you that I JUST LISTED an amazing house 3 days ago about 20 doors to the right. Now, this home is really nice. It has 3 bedrooms, it has 2 washrooms, and it has a fully renovated kitchen. And, most importantly an outdoor BBQ.

You are probably wondering, “Why should I care”?

Because, you live in the neighbourhood. Right?

I want you to know for 3 reasons.

One is If you know anybody that wants to buy a house in the area, I want you to refer that person so I can sell him that home and make him live in the neighbourhood.

Number two is, I want you to stay informed on how the activities of the neighbourhood are going; you need to know what’s actively selling, what the home and property prices are, and that keeps you informed on what value your home has.

And thirdly, given the house location It’s not that close that you can’t have your family member there.

I wanted to make sure that you have that information.

And, Ellen who are you gonna remember If you’re gonna refer a person to buy or sell a house?

Prospect: Tariq Khursheed!

Agent: That’s it, I’ll see ya later and you have my number!

Prospect: Yeah, but wait! Why do you think that I would refer you a person?

Agent: Because, I bring you value!

Prospect: How do you bring me value?

Agent: Every time I come, I come with a smile, I come with the right knowledge, I come with the right intention, I sell homes quicker than anybody else that you know, and I’m a great salesperson.

Because, people hire a real estate sales agent to do what? To sell their homes and to buy them a great home.

And, I eat real estate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; That’s all I do. I’m not a part time agent, real estate is my full time job and I love it. I love real estate.

So, If you want somebody who has the passion, the knowledge, the skills; all combined together. Ellen, who are you gonna use?”

Prospect: Tariq Khursheed!

Agent: Very well, great! Take care, bye!”

Pro Tip – Don’t Be Desperate

Prospects can smell it from 5 feet away if you do.

A short script on JUST LISTED is:

“I have just listed a home around this neighbourhood located near to ______. Would you like to guess what it is selling for?”

Boom, you are now one step closer to getting a listing appointment. Do you feel the smell of victory in the air already? The sense of accomplishment?

Pro Tip – Focus On The Options You Provide

During such conversations, your prospects focus on the options you provide them. So, be smart about what choices you give as you’ll carry them forward in the deal.

3- Buyer / Empty Home Script

Theses scripts you can use for two purposes; one can be, you have a vacant home in the neighbourhood and want to ask around for more information on it, second can be, to knock doors to look for a buyer in the neighbourhood that might want to buy.

So, here you go:

  • “I am following up on the property next door/across the street/down the road that’s vacant and wondering if you know anything about it as to who is the property owner and how to get in touch with the owners?”
  • “I just saw a vacant home next door/across the street/down the road and was just wondering if you want to buy that one if that suits your needs ”

Be cautious about the second one. Don’t offer them to buy unless you know the details of the owner and the reason behind the home being vacant.

Pro-tip: Send out thank you letters saying it was amazing to meet you, looking forward to having a conversation with you again.

4- FSBOs Script

This script is for the home owners who have made a tough decision to sell their homes themselves. They are hard to deal with since they have made their mind to save up on an agent’s commission and therefore, don’t want to smell any agents near them.

But, If dealt cautiously these can be your big fish as it proves that you are the chosen one, the agent of choice which is important for your future credibility.

Next time, when the matter of buying and selling comes up in a regular chatter on a family dinner or friends meetup, they are going to bring you up in the conversation and recommend you.

You see what I mean? MORE REFERRALS! And, who knows it might turn into a chain of referrals?

Here is an effective way to deal with these stubborn ones:

Agent: Hey, This is Tariq from ABC Realty. How are you doing?

Prospect: I’m doing good.

Agent: GOOD! GOOD!

I can see that you have put your home for sale by yourself. How’s that going?

Prospect: Not so good so far!

Agent: Okay! Well, you’ve seen me in the neighbourhood. Right?


Agent: I’m here every few weeks. I have listings in the neighbourhood. I know every little thing about this neighbourhood that you can ever imagine. So, I attract the right buyers.

Ellen, how much are you selling your home for?

Prospect: 3 hundred and thousand dollars.

Agent: $300,000. That’s amazing! So what I would like to do is, I would like to come in and do a home evaluation and make sure that you have the right selling price for your home. Okay?

But first, I’d like to determine are you selling it at the market price. How did you come up with that price ____?

Prospect: Just a random figure.

Agent: You just thought you should get $300,000 for your home?

Prospect: Yes

Agent: Okay. So, just a black n white thing for you just so you know. And, I’d always tell you things how you mean to hear it not how it makes you feel. You do not determine the price of your home nor do I determine the price for your home; the MARKET determines the price of your home. And, there is a certain procedure to get the market price which is called a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA and I can do that for you; free of cost. No, cost at all, okay?

Are you and your husband decision makers of this house or you make all the decisions?

Prospect: No, me and my husband.

Agent: So, can I come in today at 6’o clock to evaluate your home?

Prospect: Yeah, of course.

Agent: Ok, good amazing. So, I’ll be there at 6’o clock. Take care! Bye!”

This script is a game changer that’ll make the homeowner think that why did they even make the choice of selling their home on their own.

Pro-tip: If the owner is too chatty and you see that it is going to take half an hour of your time then arrange a meet up aka listing appointment on lunch or coffee since you have other homes to knock and don’t wanna halt the activity.

I think that your script WILL BE WORST if you’ll go like this.

“Hello, I am ______ with ______. I am here to just ask you a simple question. Are you willing to spare me a minute?

If I brought you a qualified buyer, would you be able to pay me a 3% commission?“

In my opinion you’ll be begging for business in this manner. While, you can just deliver your value propositions and have the business running after/towards you.

5- EXPIREDs Script

You don’t need hardcore cold calling to convert an EXPIRED listing into a deal when you have door knocking to rely on. If you know the right scripts, such listings can be very lucrative since these people are frustrated with their home not selling and want a quick sale badly. You can utilize their desperateness to your benefit by presenting your value propositions and guiding them through the process.

You can go like this:

Agent: Hi, my name is Tariq and I am a local real estate professional at ______. How are you?

Prospect: I’m good. What do you want?

Agent: What do I want? I want a lot of things but I usually don’t get them all. So, I want to settle for a few things today. ________, the reason why I’m here today is you know I work this neighbourhood, I’ve sold a lot of homes in this neighbourhood, and I continue to sell a lot of homes.

Your home went up for sale in the neighbourhood and it actually involved me a lot more than you think. Right? Why?

When you were selling your home on your own and it didn’t sell, it obviously affected the market prices for everybody. Okay? How does that happen?

First of all, what agents do _____ is, in order to get us to get a price for your home for other people; they actually use your home as a comparison of what not to do to sell your home. Can you believe that? Right?

Okay, so what I would like to do is I would like to come in, give you the right price for your home, and see n analyze why your home didn’t sell. Because, I sell homes for a living and an average of 14 to 20 days is required to make a sale in this area. That’s the average selling time. Okay?

So, when can I come in to tell you how much your home’s worth, what would it sell for, and how long would it take me to sell your home? Today at 2’o’ clock or 6’o’clock tomorrow?

Prospect: Tomorrow at 6!

Agent: Okay, amazing! See ya tomorrow then. Take care!”

And there you go. Congratulations! You got another listing appointment.

Pro Tip – Don’t Try To Sell, Give Value

Don’t sound like a salesperson who’s there to sell something.

Do your research and provide them the market and neighbourhood insights to showcase your value as a real estate professional.

WOW them through your knowledge to get chosen.

Pro Tip – Ask The Right Questions

The key to successful door knocking is asking the right questions. You can’t just show up and be ridiculous at the door without any solid questions to ask for.

Opening up avenues after avenues through asking right questions will make you a door knocking pro with time.

Fortune is in the follow-up, they say. But, for real estate door knocking you don’t need a follow-up script. As, following these scripts lead to a listing appointment and then your listing presentation is what counts, not your scripts. The only time you are going to need a follow-up script is when they tell you to come later some time. You need to then schedule for late and prepare yourself.

Pro Tip – Make Schedule & Show Up

Make a follow-up schedule and don’t deviate from it. SHOW UP according to your schedule.

So, are you ready to Rock n Roll?


Time for a sweet treat for your determination to ‘know n learn’ and patience for reading up to here.

  • Understand that you are on them doors to build relationships
  • If the inhabitants don’t want to see any humans. Take information and exit. Information shall include their name, email, and contact no.
  • Be absolutely YOU and JUST YOU.
  • Prepare yourself for the possible questions you might get beforehand.
  • Know the possible rejections and how to handle them smartly.


The rule number one to deal with rejection is a GRACEFUL EXIT. Gracefully exit the moment you feel they are not interested to hear you out.

Summing Things Up

Nothing comes easy in this world. To achieve big you need to think big and to take right actions, you need the right mindset and right habits.

So, If you ask me the secret to accomplishing big things through door knocking, I’d say everything comes after but first you need to have the courage to hustle and get ready for rejections.

And, after that you need to know what to say and how to say it.

Yes, your door-knocking scripts. PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE to save yourselves from looking naive in the eyes of the homeowners, potential buyers, and sellers, or possibly your clients that you might lose with your bad attitude.

Attend to every question, any question that they might have, answer it smartly. And don’t forget to BREATH and BE GRACEFUL.

In the end, If you need an expert’s advice or want to share your problems, challenges, or experiences with me; you are more than welcome to shoot an email to me at [email protected] or use the comments section for your valuable feedback.

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