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Marketing Series: Lead Nurturing Through Automated Email Campaigns - GREL - Real Estate Blogs

Gaining new customers and maintaining old ones is absolutely essential for the survival of any business. Businesses inevitably have to use different marketing strategies for this purpose. One of the ways real estate agencies or realtors deal with this marketing dilemma surrounding customers is by generating and sending automated emails to different segments, or ‘leads’ as they are called, of their target market. This automated email process is called “drip marketing” and is frequently used for leads nurturing by many successful firms.

Automating your email campaigns can prove to be very effective and efficient. It helps save a lot of your precious time because under this you just need to write emails as per a set template beforehand and then you just need to schedule them to go out on whatever day or time you prefer. This way you would not need to write too many emails and would also not have to keep track of all the emails going out. However, be sure to spread out your emails to your customers over the weeks. Don’t frequently send your customers emails and definitely don’t send more than one email a week. You want to convince them, not spam them till they lose interest in what you have to offer.

Simply put, you need to follow these five steps to start and run an effective lead nurturing campaign through the use of automated emails:

  1. Know you target segments so that you can make offers the right way.
  2. Build long-term, trustworthy relationships by offering your customers something valuable instead of directly pitching sales.
  3. Set objectives for different emails you send out to different segments.
  4. Make a timeline for when your emails should be sent out.
  5. Evaluate the results from your automated email campaigns and improve.

In accordance with step one from above, you may break down your target market into buyers and sellers, or old and potential customers. Whichever way you differentiate your leads, you need to come up with a specific email for each segment, an email that will cater to the needs of that particular segment and will convert them into your long-term customers. Wondering how you will write these differentiated emails? Here are four Real Estate Leads Nurturing Emails you should definitely write to home buyers and home sellers as a part of your automated email campaigns. These will surely convert your leads:

Automated Emails for Home Buyers

Any Realtors Lead Nurturing Automated Campaigns should include emails regarding the following subjects:

1) The Latest “On-Sale” Homes in the Market:

This will keep the buyers updated about the homes available to them for purchase so they can pick the one that suits them best. Moreover, it might even help drive traffic to your website if you add a direct link to the listings in your email.

To: Buyer Leads
From: Real Estate Agent
Subject: Check out the latest home listings!
Message: Hi [Name of Buyer Lead],
Wondering what’s recently gone up for sale on the market? Now you can see for yourself! Just click here and go through the updated list of property available in the market. I take it upon myself to regularly update the list and provide details, like sale price, house size and history, for each property listed as well.

2) Why Other People Prefer Living in a Particular Market:

You could try to convince your target market segment to buy a particular property in a particular area by offering your perspective, but it will only be seen as a direct sales pitch. However, if you offer perspectives from other people who have already purchased property in that area, you will be seen in a more trustworthy and sincere light.

To: Buyer Leads
From: Real Estate Agent
Subject: Why people love living in [Market Name]!
Message: Hi [Name of Buyer Lead],
I have already given you reasons for living in, and loving, [market name] but I thought you would like to know what other residents and visitors to the area love about [market name].
Here are some of my former clients, and other community members, sharing their thoughts about what they like best about living in [market name].

Automated Emails for Home Sellers

If you are working as a real estate agent for sellers, and not home
buyers, then you would need to tweak your emails to convey a different message that is
relevant to home sellers. Your emails in this regard should touch upon the following aspects:

1) Information Regarding the Properties You Have Sold in the Recent Past

Providing this information to your seller leads may convince them of your expertise in the field. To effectively persuade the leads you need to provide statistics that these leads could use to gauge your mastery in the field. Provide this information in a comprehensive and appealing way.

To: Seller Leads
From: Real Estate Agent
Subject: [Real Estate Agency Name] Annual Sales Summary
Message: Hi [Name of Seller Lead],
Curious to know how the housing market performed last year? Want to know what’s in store for the future?
Get all the information you need by assessing reading through this in-depth report which presents all the important statistics, like number of sales and their prices, for this past year.

2) How does you Agency Add Value?

Promoting your agency is important to convince your leads to approach you for making the sales. You need to inform them about what makes you unique and of the comparative advantage you offer. Give them enough so that they are excited to learn more about your agency themselves.

To: Seller Leads
From: Real Estate Agent
Subject: Why choose [Real Estate Agency Name]?
Message: Hi [Name of Seller Lead],
As a seller you take extra caution when handling your precious property and want realtors to display a similar care and concern for the issue. You might look for certain specifics in relators, ranging from experience, skills to their background.
But we can assure you that all your worries will go away once you hire us for the job. [Real Estate Agency Name] is known in the market for…

These are four of the Best Lead Nurturing Emails for Realtors to add to their automated email campaigns. Sending out these emails will definitely make a positive impact on converting your leads and will prove to be highly beneficial for your business.

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