As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of marketing and always strive to do what you can for it and getting in touch with your clients, local market, and community. Why not build on these natural marketing instincts using social media?

Social media provides digital proof and strengthens the trust instilled in your clients. It is a great tool for networking and building new connections. Click To Tweet

In fact, a study found that,

94% of millenials and 84% of baby boomers used various sites to search for their future home. Click To Tweet

And these potential clients are definitely also using social media.

Signing up for social media accounts will not bring you the type of online opportunities you could be generating for your real estate business but learning the lucrative ways to use social media to maximize your online results will be crucial; to not only build your presence online but also get the business results.

So what should you really post on your social media platforms to connect with your community by being useful?

You can post:

  1. Property tour videos
  2. Client testimonials
  3. Real estate tips and tricks
  4. Valuable news article
  5. New property listings
  6. Helpful tools/service recommendations
  7. Real estate fun facts
  8. Relatable memes
  9. Latest local market updates
  10. What’s New? What’s Trending?
  11. DIY ideas and tips
  12. Useful checklists
  13. Your explainer videos
  14. Your website content (blogs, resources, guides)
  15. Problems: To which our audience can relate to
  16. Motivational quotes
  17. Answers to buyer FAQs
  18. Answers to seller FAQs
  19. Home staging ideas and tips
  20. Open house promotion
  21. Best property investment options in your area
  22. Home buying and selling advice
  23. Pictures of homes you sold
  24. Local events around the area
  25. Seasonal content like National Day, Christmas etc
  26. Pictures of housewarming party of clients
  27. Home buying process
  28. Home selling process
  29. Home moving tips
  30. Real estate events around the area
  31. Home inspection checklist
  32. Different mortgage options

The purpose is to be of value by educating your target audience and build connections within your local community and the MUST DO for that is keeping your promotional content as less as possible.

Now, coming to giving you a better understanding of each social media platform and the to dos and not to dos of each to ensure the better results.

We’ve got some real estate social media marketing tips that will help you keep engagement high with clients.

1- Post pictures on Instagram

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise why Instagram is the perfect social media platform. It is user-friendly and accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t hurt that there are over 800 million users.

Instagram is all about photography. If you are just starting out and can’t hire a photographer, buy a decent camera or even use your smartphone camera.

Photos make a difference and the better the photos, the more attention-grabbing they will be for your listing property. Click To Tweet

This kind of engagement increases views, strengthens branding and if targeted well – creates conversions!

Do note that,

Instagram is all about quality over quantity. Click To Tweet

Post relevant content, including a mix of real estate and snippets of your daily life as a realtor. Remember, Insta is ultimately a social media platform and followers won’t be interested in boring content.

Clients want to deal with real people, not just faceless entities! Click To Tweet

If you want to post more than one great picture, Instagram allow users to post up to 10 photos or videos as one single post using a carousel. Just remember to write a great caption.

2- Set up a Facebook Page

Never use your personal Facebook account for your real estate services. Click To Tweet

It is better to create a business page. It is professional and you can take advantage of cool business features (e.g. run Facebook contests and check Facebook insights).

Real estate agents are aware that Facebook is a great platform to showcase their services and use this as an avenue to promote themselves. The issue is, where do you start, what do you post, and how do you maximize your ROI from your efforts?

Here is what you can do:

Post about your Neighbourhood

Prospective residents will take notice of your passion and knowledge of your area. Do some research and once a week post about some cool facts about the neighbourhood. You can obtain this knowledge by watching your local news channel or reading articles online. If you want to go one step further, go to your local museum and ask the curator to share information about your local area. You’d be surprised by what you find. This keeps you relevant to your audience while producing unique content.

Post about local charity events, school-related activities, and highlight a new business to spark engagement.

Post pictures on your feed and use a Facebook Cover Video

Use images whenever you update since they are the most engaging type of content. They are more likely to get likes, shares, and comments. You can post 360-degree photos and videos as these get the full impact of a room or view.

The Golden Rule to follow is the “80/20 rule”. 80% of posts can be about lifestyle and client-centric while 20% to be about you and your business. Click To Tweet

This rule will encourage more interaction.

Another fun way to grab a potential client’s attention is with a Facebook video instead of a photo. Video covers automatically play when someone lands on your page. You can edit your CTA (call to action) button to match the video. If you are talking about free consultations then make sure the button says “Book Now”

Engage with contests and giveaways

You can use all kinds of contests to develop deeper relationships with your clients. Giveaways are the most popular. Simply upload a photo of the prize and include details in your post like when the contest ends and how to enter. Use applicable hashtags to spread the post and ask your followers to share. On Facebook, pin the post to be displayed at the top of your page’s timeline for more exposure.

Another idea could be to have a “Caption This Image” contest asking followers to post their suggestions in the comments.

3- Twitter

The more tweets a realtor sends out, the more leads can be generated. Click To Tweet

Write about new listings, blog posts you’ve written and tips for other real estate agents.

Use relevant hashtags

These are essential as people use them to search for a particular topic on Twitter. Realtors should use hashtags related to their geographic area, recent events, or keywords that target the market.

For example: #sellyourhome #moving #homeowner #realestate #interiordesign

Follow industry influencers

Use the platform to connect with local business people, brands, and influencers. Connecting with relevant locals is a time-tested way to become more recognisable in the community. You can even learn from others in the industry. Find relevant people using twitter search or Twellow (essentially a Yellow Pages for twitter).

You can retweet their content and the tweet will appear on your profile and be visible to your followers. Or, you can favourite their tweet which is similar to a Facebook Like. Followers can view your favourites by clicking on the “Favourites” tab on your profile.

Final Thoughts

Both social media and online marketing have played a pivotal role in changing up how real estate markets behave these days. The times have changed, mindsets have changed, and so has the expectations of new clients.

Social media can help any agent in filling up that void of communication and reach their audience on a more regular basis. However, the key is to stay relevant and focused on the message you’re trying to send.

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