Every one of you has the potential to become the greatest Real Estate agent of all time.
But how?

With over 2 million active real estate agents in the United States alone, we see it is a very saturated industry with loads of competition.

So, with each agent having the same end goal of trying to close a multitude of deals, how is it possible to bring something new to the table?

Your clients have the world’s knowledge in the palm of their hand. Clients right now have more access to information than the secret service. Like literally, with so much information available on the internet, your clients are now more knowledgeable than ever.

If you’re not able to provide your clients more value or information than what they already have, you’re not going to be considered seriously because they can get the same information from your everyday Joe agent.

So why should they work with you?

Yes you thought right, by providing the right value propositions.

Using Value Propositions

A value proposition is what differentiates YOUR services, as a Real Estate from another professional. It is your way to stand out from the competition by providing and EXPLAINING how you will be giving value to your clientele.

At GREL, we have derived a secret formula that will instruct you on exactly how to create:

  • The value proposition script for listing presentations
  • The VP script for when the property has been listed
  • The VP script for after the closing
  • Exactly how long each section should be and how to present your VP’s

The Formula for Delivering a Value Proposition:

Title of offering (TOF) + Strategy + Benefit + Result = Value Proposition

Title Offering + Visuals + Power script + Proof = Value Proposition

  • TOF – Clearly defining your value with 10 words or less
  • Visuals – It must be supported by visuals, either by photo or video
  • Power script: The description of the value proposition must be result oriented and impactful taking no longer than 45 seconds to explain
  • Proof: It must be supported by testimonials or on your personal experiences

While keeping this formula in mind, you will be able to cut out all the fluff and unnecessary content and jump straight to the point. Your goal is to constantly keep your client engaged, rather it being from prospecting, creating rapport, phone calls, etc. you will be providing enough value to keep your client more than satisfied with your Real Estate services.

So how do you use this formula?

By using this formula, you are able to put your value propositions in a script that will last you about 2 minutes for each one.

Let’s look at an example:

Value Proposition: Staging Services

"Home Gain released a survey, which indicated that home staging yielded a 340% return on investment"

Home staging is a very beneficial value proposition as it has the potential to cut your home selling process in half. Although you, the real estate professional, understands this, you client does not.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”– Albert Einstein

You must GUIDE your client through the simplest of explanations while including all the main details.

Before you start writing your script all willy nilly, start by asking yourself these following questions.

What am I offering?

Staging services for the home.

What’s the strategy?

Stage the home in a manner that will attract buyers from both the off and online visit.

How does this benefit the client?

Increases the number of buyers, creating more interest leading to the potential of more offers, netting your clients more money and selling their property in less time.

How do you show the results?

Showing before and after pictures of homes, sharing past experiences and showing different statistics from the staged homes. For example, homes that are staged typically carry close to a 350% return on investment. Staged homes also tend to sell faster and for a higher price.

You are able to pinpoint the most important points that you must teach your client. From this the script is born. By adding small fillers, cliché sentences and overall powerful yet friendly words, you will be able to show your client you will be providing them with the most amount of value.


Mr. & Mrs seller, the appearance of your home is important when trying to appeal to potential buyers who are interested and come to visit. Home Gain Statistics show that homes that have been professionally staged yielded a 340% return on investment and spend 83% fewer days on the market.

MY team of stagers have a large inventory of carefully selected furniture and decoration to complement the existing appearance of your home. This is a simple example how staging may enhance the features of your home making it more appealing. This chart shows you the stats about staged homes and how it benefits you.”

The Bottom Line

The value proposition is THE real estate tool that will put you over the top and set you aside from other professionals. By perfecting each of your value propositions in order from the listing presentation, to when the listing has been posted, and all the way to after the closing, you will show your clientele the greatest real estate experience thus bringing in more referrals.

Using the Global Real Estate Licence course, you will have access to various UNIQUE value propositions that are sure to give your Real Estate clientele enough value for them to not only choose you, but to have complete trust in you to sell their home.

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