Getting real estate leads can be exciting, I mean the feeling you get once you are able to line those leads up. The happiness, the Joie de vivre of being a real estate agent. You are in a bubble, the happy bubble until you find out that more than half your leads are only just curious at that time.

They are not at a point in their lives when they’re actually willing to take a decision and would kind of need that final push.

By now you might be wondering, what can you actually do to make these potential clients take that leap of faith.? How can you get them to convert?

Before we get to answering this question, let’s do an analysis to how you actually approach a new lead. To become a trustworthy real estate agent, there are certain things that need to be hot wired into your system – there is a certain order to do things that you should always follow while approaching a lead in order to get them to a close.

  • Don’t spit out too much information
  • Get the right information from your leads
  • Ask the right questions

These might not make sense to you at this time. However, once you’ve gotten through this blog in its entirety – things will start to make sense.

Step #1 – Planting The Seed

Getting a real estate lead is almost as similar to planting a fruit tree. You plant the seed, you water it and then after years of hard work and taking care - you get the results you want. Click To Tweet

Similarly, when you’re encountering a new lead, you have to plant the seed.

Not making sense?

Well, the art of converting leads in real estate actually depends upon the information you plant in their minds. If you are able to plant the right information into your client’s head that you are the real estate agent for them and does not sound desperate, the chances of a real estate conversion is always going to be high.

While making real estate conversations for conversions, the goal is to plant the idea and the right information - almost like inception. Click To Tweet

Ofcourse it varies from person to person and you will definitely need to do your homework before meeting each of these leads.

Pro Tip:

Always stay on topic, don’t let anything distract them.

Step # 2 – Offering Value Propositions

Once you have planted the seed, the fruit is not going to come on its own, there has to be effort involved. You have put all those hours in – spend time watering the seed and hopefully you will be able to yield fruit.

Just like that.

Now that you’ve planted the seed. It’s time for you to put the right effort in. How can you do it?

Depending upon your reading of the lead, you’re going to be following up on the information you’ve provided. It can be an email, a phone call – does not matter. The key here is to just follow up and not try to make a sale.

However, it does not end there on just a single follow up. If you feel that the lead might be interested, you give them another value proposition – one after the other.

What are Value Propositions? Here is where you can learn all about them and the unique selling propositions or Real Estate USPs.

The idea is to lead them towards making a choice and once you are able to give enough value with the information you have on your hands, you are going to be able to make a case for yourself and be hired as their agent.

Step # 3 – Closing The Deal

You have planted the seed, you have watered it and put all the effort into it. Now the lead is warmed up and is more likely to be closed.

What have you done so far?

You planted the seed – made them believe that you’re the agent to go. Even offered them your value propositions. Do you think the deal is done?

Absolutely NOT.

If you do not go through this final step – whatever you’ve done earlier is going to waste. Do you know why?

Because so far it has been about you. Now the time has come to make it about the client. It’s time to play the listening game and hear out what they actually want.

Converting in real estate has always been dependent upon your ability to present information in a manner that it leads to your advantage. Click To Tweet

So once you have analyzed what the lead wants, you present yourself as the best agent for the job and nobody else is going to be able to do a better job.

The Bottom Line

If you are able to do all of this, hopefully your real estate conversion rate will be very high.

But always remember,

Converting leads in real estate is an art. An art to build trust and let people get what they want. Click To Tweet

There are going to be successes and failures as well. It’s all dependent on the sale and leads you close.

What you have to do is overcome your mistakes each time and hopefully you will be converting leads in real estate all the time.

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