Real estate is majorly a matter of communication. While listings online may get buyers interested in the property, it is the excitement and knowledge of sales people that drive the point home. Having the right person behind your project is the best way to get your development noticed by eager buyers. You can also read a guide on successful recruiting as a real estate developer. Here are five traits of an excellent sales person.

1. He Knows Online Marketing

Eighty-three percent of home buyers want to see pictures online and 52 percent of these consumers use their iPhone to sift through listings. Ninety-one percent of realtors use social media to their advantage, which means that your sales agent should be an expert in all things that pertain to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. A sales agent who does not know about Google AdWords and Facebook’s advertising program cannot be expected to deliver remarkable results as his lack of expertise in social media excludes more than half of your target audience.

2. He is an Entrepreneur at Heart

Your case is not just a gig and you are not merely another client. The ideal sales associate engrosses himself in the industry that he is promoting, which means hours of studying and preparation. He will identify your target audience and study trends to deliver an effective platform. The salesperson with an entrepreneurial spirit will also craft a strategy for advertising that he will constantly revisit and upgrade. You should be able to see the fruits of his labor on paper and in real life as the agent who is an entrepreneur at heart lets ambition and tenacity take centre stage with his efforts.

3. He Either Knows the Housing Market Well or is Interested in the Industry

Are condominiums more appealing to the young or old? How much are millennials willing to spend versus senior citizens? What attributes do individuals search for when looking for upscale residences? A knowledgeable agent can answer these questions and more. Although the housing market is ultimately one, there are different sectors in residential real estate that the seller must be aware of in order to be effective.

Buyers who are searching for luxury do not mind paying an additional $50,000 for a renovated bathroom that includes a Whirlpool tub. They may even be turned off from a house that lacks such amenities. On the other hand, prospective homeowners going the economical route gladly forgo luxuries such as Whirlpool tubs and outdoor jacuzzis. Such buyers would much rather live with the basics than be stuck with a big price tag that may or may not be payable every month. Do-it-yourself buyers prefer fixer uppers. It is an insult to offer a luxurious home to such individuals. Understanding all of these dynamics is essential for selling property and your salesperson should have full knowledge of such concepts.

4. He Gives Attention to Details

Every aspect of the community surrounding your development is important. The right sales agent studies habits of current residents to get a feel for which marketing tactics would work. Neighborhoods with a large population of children are typically attracted to ads that focus on the family. Communities where senior citizens outweigh young people flock to products that promote serenity. Business professionals like the idea of convenience, which is why they are intrigued by developments that promote the idea of working and living in the same community. Understanding all of these aspects are essential to the success of promotion and your sales agent should be the first to point out such dynamics.

5. He is Honest

Despite the Code of Ethics set forth by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), some realtors still manage to give sales agents a bad name. Your associate must honestly represent your property for sale so as to prevent your development from being blacklisted as a scam. Integrity is especially key during the beginning stages of marketing since the basis of your platform is dependent on consumers trusting in a plan that has not come to fruition. A salesperson can cost you millions if he uses false pretences to bait clients and then switches the terms once he considers them hooked.

6. He is an Excellent Communicator

Studies show that communication is seven percent context and 38 percent tone of voice. A sales agent can say all of the right things when attempting to convince someone to buy a car but his tone when expressing such views may be a deal breaker. No one wants to feel like they are being preached to or forced into making a decision in haste. The laid back approach lets the sales agent give his expert opinion without losing the audience. Both parties benefit from such technique as the agent is afforded the opportunity to present his case in full and the consumer is empowered to make an informed decision.

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