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Enforcement Overview:

One of the GREL top priorities is to advance investor confidence in the market through vigorous, fair and effective enforcement of codes, standards and other real estate state laws. The enforcement department is tasked with investigating potential security violations and bringing formal disciplinary actions against firms and their associate members.

GREL has the complete authority to investigate, fine, suspend or bar any member and investigate or litigate them if they violated code in such a manner. Any member can file a complaint or provide a tip as to potential securities or violation of the codes through the link on this page. We welcome hearing from you because your information may alert us to broker and firm misconduct; an unfair practice in the industry that needs to be change.

Our mission is to protect the public rights and set the standards of professional behaviour for members. You may want to know what kind of things you can complain to us about and find out what action we can take on your complaint. Perhaps you'd also like to know how to make a complaint to us.

What Information Should I Provide?

We can best respond to you if we receive accurate and complete information. Though you are not required to furnish any more information than you wish, critical information for us to completely evaluate your complaint will be very important for any resolution.

Reporting an individual or firm

Any member, firm, or individual is to make sure they comply with our principle, to make sure they behave independently, fairly and with integrity to best serve the interests of their clients and the public interest. We welcome information about dishonesty or breaches of principles, however, we are not able to deal with issues of poor service but we will consider that as a complaint and that complaint will be added into the member's profile and will be dealt with accordingly using the Ten Tenets of Excellence, Code of Ethics and other related guidelines.

When You Make A Complaint:

You are required to:

  • Make a complaint as soon as possible, once you are clear what the issue is and while it is fresh in your mind,

  • Be clear on what your complaint is about and how you would like it to be resolved, keep a note of the relevant points that you would like to address,

  • Make a note of who you spoke to, and what was said. This will come in handy if you need to follow up your complaint or take it further,

  • Keep calm and be polite even though you may be very frustrated, it is much easier to get the result you want by being reasonable

  • Give it some time to resolve your complaint so that GREL will investigate thoroughly and share the report.

Territorial Jurisdiction

If you have already filed a complaint with GREL and that issue is out of the jurisdiction of the organization than you should seek the territorial litigation and resolve your matter. GREL will give respect to state orders and applied that in member's profile. GREL holds the authority to investigate all matters where necessary and also can get the help of the state if needed in such cases.

The Committee May Order:

  • Member to apologize in writing,

  • Member to refund all or part of your fees,

  • Member to withdraw from deal,

  • Member to withdraw if poor service is found.

Complaints and Enforcement Actions

The committee keeps records of complaints against Licencees for one year. If the complaint resulted in an enforcement action than the Licence will be suspended for the time being and will be updated online during the action. No information will be disclosed about a complaint during the investigation and no information will be disclosed about a complaint if the investigation reveals that there has been no violation of the law. Upon written or verbal request, the following information about the complaint will be disclosed only if the investigation is final and has revealed that there has been a violation of the codes and laws.

If any general rules or laws for the real estate industry change in any given country, the member shall report to the organization and shall take initiatives and make proposals about the principles and rules as well as about the adoption and recording of new principles and rules of professional conduct. We are open to hearing good and professional amendments to the codes.

If the member's practice extends to the international territory, either in case of their practice abroad or the representation of foreigners in their native country, they shall be careful not to act contrary to the principles and rules binding upon real estate in the foreign country. Members shall observe the principles and rules of international codes of professional conduct.

What Happens After a Complaint is Received?

If a hearing is not requested, the committee reviews the evidence and decides on an appropriate disciplinary action and issues a final order. If a hearing is requested, a hearing is scheduled before a hearing officer. After hearing the evidence, the hearing officer issues a report and recommendations to the committee. The committee reviews the hearing officer's report and recommendations and either accepts, rejects or modifies the report and recommendations. The committee then decides on the appropriate disciplinary action and issues a final order.

Members Committee

The complaint and enforcement committee can also make the members committee as per territorial situation for the resolution of any issue, complaint regarding any real estate issue.

  1. The member committee will have the authority to investigate the issue and forward the report to the enforcement committee on weekly basis.

  2. Final order will be issued by the complaints and enforcement committee of GREL.

  3. No member can influence any other committee just because that member is part of the committee.

  4. If someone acted with bad intentions, that member will be dealt by the C&E committee accordingly as per rules of the organization.

Disciplinary action against any member includes

  • Settlement Agreement

  • Warnings

  • Probation

  • Limitation

  • Fine

  • Suspension

  • Revocation

Appeal Against Order

The committee's final orders can be appealed in the appellate committee within the organization or authorized by the organization through written authority. The committee has no power to restrict any member upon any disciplinary action to stop practicing in their general profession. The strict decision will only take the rights of membership for the time being or forever and when appeal is filed the case will be reviewed by the appellate committee. However, if the person is misusing the brand, they have no right to appeal and will be ostracized in the industry.

Key Elements in Resolving a Complaint

The following are key elements in resolving a complaint:

  • All parties have the right to have any complaint addressed.

  • Any complaint can be addressed by either the formal or informal options under this procedure.

  • There is a guarantee of timeliness, confidentiality and objectivity when an issue is raised.

  • The principles of Natural Justice will be given to both the person making the complaint and the person or persons who are subject of the complaint.

  • No person making a complaint will be victimized or disadvantaged for making a complaint.

Global Real Estate Licence does not replace or substitute your Country's, State/Province, or city's laws. If your Country, State/Province has a licensing requirement you must obtain that. You may, in addition, acquire the Global Real Estate Licence which has the aim to help generate more income thru education, tools, and workouts.

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Global Real Estate Licence does not replace or substitute your Country's, State/Province, or city's laws. If your Country, State/Province has a licensing requirement you must obtain that. You may, in addition, acquire the Global Real Estate Licence which has the aim to help generate more income thru education, tools, and workouts.

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