Real Estate Training

We won't give you any fish, but we will teach you how to catch one!

Learn how to win at the real estate game through our online real estate mastery program. Get advanced real estate training which will help you master real estate, learn valuable skills, and implement proven strategies that you can use to generate amazing results!

For Agents, Developers, & Investors

Discover how you can take your business to the next level. Now.

If you want success, you need to learn how to fight for it...

If you wanted to be a world champion in boxing, you would need someone to teach you the art of boxing and give you the right strategies to use. You would need a coach. That's what Global Real Estate Licence is, an online coach for real estate professionals. We provide world-class real estate training for agents, investors, and developers that you can go through online, at your own pace.

Easy, Structured Education

Easy, Structured Education

Complete the training at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Grow Your Skills

Grow Your Skills

Learn advanced skills and strategies through the training and earn your licence.

Brand Your Business

Brand Your Business

Position yourself as a GREL licence holder to stand out from your competition.

Real estate training for
agents, developers & investors

Broker Edition


Learn how to generate more leads, win more listings, and close more deals.

Developer Edition


Learn how to brand your business, stand out, and attract buyers to development projects.

Investor Edition


Learn how to create wealth through powerful investment strategies and portfolio management.

Master Invaluable Skills To
Create Your Own Success!

4 phases, 16 sections, and 40+ hours of intensive, content rich real estate training.

Investment Strategies

The Art of Negotiation

Branding Your Business

Home Flipping

Online Marketing

Property Staging

Branding Developments

Property Management

GREL Success Stories

As a small development firm, we have always struggled when attracting homebuyers. Through GREL's training, our sales and marketing team now easily do that for our development projects.

Fabiana Campos Brazil