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That Help You Grow In Real Estate

Real Estate Tools To Power Your Business

Knowing something isn’t enough for success in real estate. Our tools help you implement what you learned from the real estate trainings in the market to build wealth. Each of our licence comes with it’s own unique set of tools that you can download from our online business platform, at anytime, from anywhere. These tools give you the edge you need to differentiate your services and business from the competition.

Global Real Estate Licence Tools
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Everything You Need For Your Real Estate Journey

Written by real estate industry experts and designed professionally, these tools help add more value to your business. Whether you are an agent who wants more transactions, a developer looking to implement marketing strategies for your latest project, or an investor trying to build a profitable investment portfolio, you can utilize these tools to help you in your real estate journey.

What’s Included

Along with Real Estate Training & WorkoutScripts, Tools is one of the cornerstones of our real estate business platform. Depending on whether you are an agent, a developer, or an investor, you will get specific tools which will help you achieve your real estate goals. These include marketing campaigns, guides, checklists, buyer packages, and pre-made listing presentations customized for your business.

GREL Developer Tools - Cosmetice and Renos
COSMETICS & RENOS Developer Licence First impression matter. This guide is designed to help your development make that great first impression that sells. This tool will help your team make those cosmetic changes and renovations through which you can sell units in your development for higher price.
GREL Investor Tools - Home Flipping
HOME FLIPPING Investor Licence Buying a home at low price, adding value to it, and then selling it for much higher price is called Flipping. This tool is designed to help you figure out the potential the property holds during property appraisal process. With this, you will be able to select property with most potential.
Declutter Checklist
DECLUTTER CHECKLIST Broker Licence Going to list your property on MLS? Declutter the house to enhance its look before taking pictures. This declutter checklist will help you clean the house and improve its ambiance by making sure you miss nothing during your decluttering project.
GREL Investor Tools - Financial Analysis Formulas
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS - FORMULAS Investor Licence The top real estate investors all have one trait in common; they make logical decisions. To help you make those key decisions, we have combined all the formulas you will need to conduct a financial analysis and call the right shots to grow your portfolio.
Monthly Budget
MONTHLY BUDGET Broker Licence As an agent, you are in the business for yourself. It's even more important for you to manage your expenses than a guy getting salary every month. Our monthly budget sheet will help you manage your expenses so you can stay on top of your finances.

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