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Words are just as important in real estate as they are in great poetry.

Let us help you master the art of using the right words in the right way so you can attract more business, negotiate better, and close more deals.

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Learn how you can master the art of verbal communication with WorkoutScripts!

Memorize & Master Real Estate Scripts Online

Remember the good old days when you had to sing the ABC song? You didn't learn it in the first go. First you had to learn the order of the alphabets and internalize all of them to sing it! It's the same with real estate scripts. Knowing the scripts is half the battle. How to deliver them is the second half. WorkoutScripts is a revolutionary feature introduced by GREL which will help you overcome objections, win negotiations, and guide your clients by teaching you what to say to them and how to say it.

Real Estate Scripts

250+ Real Estate Scripts

Get access to our script library which includes 250+ script and library.

Performance History

Performance History

Have fun practicing scripts through our innovative point system.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Practice your scripts online and get live feedback to improve management.developments.

How Does This Work?

Create Your Workout

Just like exercise at the gym for a healthy well-toned body, you can create a workout online in our real estate business platform to practice and improve your verbal skills. Pick the three scripts that you would like to practice and create a workout.

Practice Out Loud

Practice makes a man perfect. Each workout is composed of 8 reps to help you memorize the script. Through mindful practice, you will 'internalize' what to say to your clients and how to say it so you sound natural and confidence during conversation.

Perfect Your Pitch

Every time you practice the script, Workout Scripts are going to give you feedback on what mistakes you made and how you can improve it. As you continue practicing the scripts out loud, you will be able to hear how you sound and improve your delivery style.

Our Real Estate Script Library

Here are some of the scripts that you will get to practice online!

  • finiding-icon

    Finding New Business

    Finding New Business

    • Door Knocking Scripts

    • Calling FSBOs

    • Expired Listings

    • Asking For Referrals

    • Speaking To a Referral

  • guiding-investors-icon

    Guiding Investors

    Guiding Investors

    • Explaining Investment Ratios

    • Location Analysis

    • Vacation & Second Homes

    • Research For Investment Properties

    • How To Increase Cash Flow

  • marketing-script-icon

    Marketing Scripts

    Marketing Scripts

    • Introducing Yourself

    • Just Sold

    • Just Listed

    • Open House Invitation

    • Benefits of GREL Licence

  • guiding-client-icon

    Guiding Clients

    Guiding Clients

    • Rent vs Buy

    • Staging Before Sale

    • Benefits of Home Staging

    • Photography and Videos

    • Decluttering and Depersonalizing

  • woring-buyer-icon

    Working With Buyers

    Working With Buyers

    • Introducing Yourself To Buyers

    • Assessing Buyer Needs

    • Assessing 'Wants vs Needs'

    • Deciding Where To Buy

    • Giving Options To Homebuyers

  • woring-seller-icon

    Working With sellers

    Working With sellers

    • Introducing Yourself To Sellers

    • Marketing Strategy For Sellers

    • Pricing The Property

    • Communicating With Buyer Agent

    • Introducing The Offer

  • growth-script-icon

    Growth Scripts

    Growth Scripts

    • Introducing Yourself As Community Agent

    • Cold-Calling Script

    • Closing Deals

    • Building Sphere of Influence

    • Asking For Testimonials

  • negotiation-icon



    • Negotiating With Different Personalities

    • Negotiating Your Commission

    • Negotiating Price For Buyers

    • Negotiating Price For Sellers

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GREL got it right. There is no better way to improve your sales skills than WorkoutScripts.

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