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​3 Licence Editions

17 Specialty  Certifications

160+ hrs Of Online  Training  

85+ Real Estate Tools & Templates

250+ Effective Real Estate Sales Scripts

Global Recognition & Credibility

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Broker Edition

Generate, Convert, Repeat 

Master the sales process with value for your client in your local market.

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Market, Sell, Profit

The developer edition focuses on new build strategies to increase sales.

Investor Edition

Invest, Flip, Appreciate

Your Investor Edition goes through all the ways you can make money grow.

3 Licence Editions

Inside of your FREE master plan account, you have 3 licence editions including Broker Edition, Developer Edition, Investor Edition. All your licence editions have their own set of tools and strategies to help you earn more commission by generating more leads & close more leads.

17 Specialty Certifications

Your FREE master plan account has all 17 specialty certifications along with your 3 real estate mastery licence editions. Each having their own set of tools and strategies to grow your real estate business in niche areas and accelerate your success rate.

160+ hrs Of Online Training

Each of your licence editions and specializations, help you master real estate, learn valuable skills, and implement proven strategies that you can use to generate amazing results for your real estate business. Your online real estate training is easily accessible and structured, so you can complete the training at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

85+ Real Estate Tools & Templates

With your master plan you get 85+ Customized Business Growth Tools and 30+ Exclusive Bonus Sales Ready Tools like listing presentations, buyer packages, guides, checklists, investment strategies, & many more. These go-to customized tools are there for you in any real estate scenario, helping you in prospecting, staging properties, analyzing investment opportunities, guiding your clients during the buying or selling process, and more!

250+ Effective Real Estate Sales Scripts

Convert your prospects into clients by 250+ real estate scenario-based scripts included in the script library inside your master plan. Written and built by industry experts, these scripts are proven to help you overcome objections, win negotiations, guide your clients, and more. These scripts are available online for you, allowing you to practice them from any part of the world. 

Global Recognition & Credibility

Your clients want to work with the best when it comes to buying, selling, or investing in real estate. To compete with the best and capture more market share, you need something that will help you stand out, something that levels the playing field. Your branding serves the purpose and helps you stand out of the crowd.

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Global Real Estate Licence does not replace or substitute your Country's, State/Province, or city's laws. If your Country, State/Province has a licensing requirement you must obtain that. You may, in addition, acquire the Global Real Estate Licence which has the aim to help generate more income thru education, tools, and workouts.

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