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17 Specialty Certifications

Inside of your FREE pro plan account, you have 17 Specialty Certifications including 3 Core Designations, 7 Specialty Designations, 3 Skill Certifications, & 4 Assistant Certifications. All your designations and certifications have their own set of tools and strategies to grow your real estate business in niche areas and accelerate your success rate.

100+ hrs Of Online Training

Each specialization skips the fluff and dives into its own set of winning strategies to start implementing in your business to increase your business growth upto 3X. Your online training helps you to become an agent of choice by gaining the right knowledge you need to succeed, implementing powerful real estate strategies, learning proven sales tactics, and more.

50+ Real Estate Tools & Templates

With your pro plan you get 50+ pre-made real estate tools and templates like listing presentations, buyer packages, guides, checklists, investment strategies, & many more. These easily accessible, and customized tools will help you in prospecting for new business, staging properties, analyze investment opportunities, guiding your clients during the buying or selling process, and any real estate scenario you can think of.

200+ Effective Real Estate Sales Scripts

Convert your prospects into clients by our workout scripts module that has a script library of 200+ proven real estate scripts, written and built by industry experts to help you overcome objections, win negotiations, guide your clients, and more. You can practice these scripts online and master the art of using the right words in the right way to attract more business, negotiate better, and close more deals.

Global Recognition & Credibility

How you brand your business plays a huge role in your success as an agent. Through your pro plan, you'll get powerful branding which will help you stand out from the crowd, build credibility in the market, and inspire trust among your clients. So, are you ready to beat your competition?

Trusted by The BEST Agents in 140 Countries

"I needed a one-stop real estate platform that's help me and my team finish grow. I also didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on many expensive solutions out there. GREL is one of the kind, and it fit to my business in every way. I can fairly say that it's the best investment I have made in my real estate business."


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Get access to 17 specialty designations, 50+ tools and templates, 200+ sales scripts, and more to accelerate your business growth. Try free for 7 days, your card won't get charged!

Global Real Estate Licence does not replace or substitute your Country's, State/Province, or city's laws. If your Country, State/Province has a licensing requirement you must obtain that. You may, in addition, acquire the Global Real Estate Licence which has the aim to help generate more income thru education, tools, and workouts.

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