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Learning Style


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Effort Involved

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Global Real Estate Licence - Firm Edition

GREL - Firm Edition is designed for the businesses that provide services to real estate professionals or consumers in one way or another. This can be an accounting firm working for an investor, a bank providing services to buyers and sellers, or a design firm working with developers on new projects. The value these businesses provide depends on their understanding of real estate principles. Our Firms Licence provides such professionals with the knowledge and tools that they can use to grow, both individually and as an organization. The licence comes with powerful Real Estate Training, Tools that add value and an innovative way to enhance verbal skills called WorkoutScriptsTM.

In today’s world, the only thing that can differentiate your business from the rest is the “value” you give. Through GREL - Firms Licence, you will get more credibility for your business, build a rock-star real estate team and attract new business. Most importantly, your business will be able to stand out in your market as the best through GREL Standards of Excellence.

Who Is This For?
Hedge Funds, REITs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Real Estate Boards and Banks.


Your team will get online real estate training that’s going to give you with the knowledge, strategies and tactics to grow your business. You will learn how to attract and convert business through first understanding different types of buyers, what motivates them and then tailoring the solution to their needs. Your selling, negotiation and marketing skills will also be polished during these trainings so you can dominate your market as true real estate all rounder.

You can access these trainings from anywhere at anytime through our online business platform.

This training includes:

  • Different types of buyers
  • Communication Principles
  • Investment Management, Strategies and Cashflow
  • Property Management
  • How To Negotiate
  • Digital Marketing and Selling Strategies
Macbook Frame - Firm Edition

Course Layout

Real Estate trainings, provided through our gamified learning system, gives agents the knowledge they need to stand out as an expert in the market to attract more business and close more transactions.

Section 1.1

  • Foundation of real estate business
  • Distinctive clientele and market trends
  • Insights on customer base and real estate properties
  • Diversity and impact of real estate market

Section 1.2

  • Ways to maximize productivity
  • Types of communication and their use
  • Stages of Learning process
  • Types of learners and their role in real estate

Section 1.3

  • Different categories of buyers
  • Necessities of clients in accordance with lifestyle
  • Difference among 5 main types of homes
  • Advantages and consideration of new homes

Section 1.4

  • The buying process
  • Clients’ needs Vs wants
  • Difference b/w Renting & Buying
  • Most effective method of presenting yourself to buyers

Section 2.1

  • Benefits of income property
  • Strategy to profit from income property
  • Effective ways to make calculated decisions
  • Formulas to construct financial strategy

Section 2.2

  • Post- Income Property Purchase Strategy to build wealth
  • Cost Association & Income property management
  • Benefits of Investment Portfolios
  • Ways to evaluate client’s financial status

Section 2.3

  • Processes associated with Income Property Management
  • Roles and responsibilities of a property manager
  • Skill set of a property manager
  • Practical methods of targeting particular tenants

Section 2.4

  • Building the scope of a home flipping project
  • Benefits of building scope
  • Different strategies in view of market conditions
  • Budgeting a home flipping project

Section 3.1

  • Niche market; Condos & Luxury Homes
  • Types of condos and targeting right clientele
  • Business strategy for condominiums
  • Building condo and luxury homes customer base

Section 3.2

  • Importance of negotiation skills
  • Main types of Negotiation Styles
  • Core foundations of mastering negotiations
  • Importance of mindset while negotiating

Section 3.3

  • Negotiating tips for brokers
  • Exploring the power of persistence
  • Four approaches to utilize BATNA
  • Determining the best alternative to a negotiated agreement

Section 3.4

  • Power of social media in building online strategy
  • Techniques of creating online marketing campaigns
  • Establish and Increase online presence
  • Role of SEO in Online Ranking
  • Calculations

Section 4.1

  • Strategy for Listing Presentations
  • How to conquer listing presentations
  • List of Outside Professionals to consider teaming up with
  • Listing presentations and fluency

Secton 4.2

  • Implementation of value propositions in client scenarios
  • Presenting Selling Strategies through Value Proposition Scripts
  • Direct Marketing Strategies
  • Benefits of Staging a Property

Section 4.3

  • Intangible Marketing Strategies
  • Setting up your target market
  • Creating Target Marketing Campaign
  • Overcoming different sorts of fears in implementing campaigns

Section 4.4

  • Implementing knowledge into business
  • Setting goals for your real estate business
  • Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns
  • Ways to achieve business targets


Our WorkoutScriptsTM is an innovative feature of our online platform that allows you to enhance your verbal skills. The only way to grow business is to first understand the market and then “communicate” clearly and with confidence with your clients. Through WorkoutScriptsTM, you will be able to practice real estate scripts online and internalize them so when you talk to your clients, you can say the right things, at right time, and in the right way.


    Pick the scripts that you would like to practice.

  • 2- LISTEN

    Listen to the recording of the script.


    Read the script and record yourself.


    Improve your verbal skills through feedback.

GREL - Firm Workout Screen
Firm Pick Script - GREL Firm Listen - GREL Firm Repeat and Record - GREL Firm Get Feedback - GREL


GREL - Firm Edition will help your business attract more business by making you part of a global network of real estate professionals like agents, investors, developers and financial analysts. You can connect with these professionals and leverage this network for national or international projects. As a GREL Firm Licence holder, your business would have the seal of credibility that speaks for your ethical commitment when it comes to provide quality services. After successfully completing the exams, you will get your GREL Licence that can be used in branding yourself, both online and offline.